Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy comes in many forms and formats. Keeping you posted on what they are and most effective use of them. Solar power, wind power, hydro power are just some that are available.

  1. Top 3 Things You Should Do When Going Solar

    #1 Get Professional Help This will help you in many ways, first solar professionals will help you optimize your panel position relative to the sun so you maximize the energy your panels produce. Furthermore, you will avoid any pitfalls and likely complications that you will inevitably run into as an amateur installer. In addition, having a professional deal with the the then necessary permits and paperwork will pay for itself, professionals can even aid in getting financing and walk you through all the rebates and incentives and make sure your solar project qualifies. Continue reading →
  2. Pre Charged, Rechargeable and easier on the planet.

    Americans use around 2 Billion disposable batteries a year, one of those numbers that’s big enough for most of us to have no actual concept of it, but it’s a lot. If you find yourself being a larger than normal part of this statistic the obvious solution would be to use a rechargeable battery.
  3. The Colony build a Battery Bank for Power

    The Colony on Discovery Channel build a battery bank to provide energy to power the compound they occupy. Find out what it takes to survive without an abundant supply of energy.
  4. Is Your House Telling You Something?

    Is Your House Telling You Something? Go Green, Save Green With rising fuel prices, the cost of energy skyrocketing, and our current economic crisis, more and more people are turning to alternative sources of affordable energy. Solar energy is quickly becoming the country’s most prevalent source of power, not only for its efficiency, but also because it is eco-friendly. Through the use of solar panels, the sun’s energy can be harnessed to provide power for a variety of applications – everything from powering your television while camping to powering an entire home. Continue reading →

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