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  1. Learning a little Zappos Culture

    Previously in, Chatting with The Professionals, I stated that I would setup a one on one with with Tony Hsieh and I did. He invited us to come and hang out at a Zappos function to learn about Culture. Check out our slide show from the evening.
  2. Captured by the Twine of Twitter

    The amazing people that you can find on Twitter, it's no wonder why it has become a phenomenon to millions around the world. It's unfortunate that I was so late to board the ship. Learn more on my discovery about Twitter. Follow me on Twitter @Batteryman
  3. Chatting with the Professionals, Zappos

    The internet grows and evolves faster that anything in this world today. It gets smarter and bigger faster than we can calculate, I speculate. Knowing this I must seek out the best of the best and challenge them for knowledge so that I may merely keep my head above water grasping at what little air I can. I decided that to do this I would begin to try to get a hold of anyone that has notably made a mark on the folds of history with a significant contribution, idea or theory and Interview them via Live Chat, Twitter, Messenger or whatever acceptable social media they desire.
  4. ASD/AMD Trade Show Day at Sands Expo Center

    BatteriesInAFlash visits ASD/AMD General Merchandise Show at The Sands Expo Center and The Las Vegas Convention Center
  5. BatteriesInAFlash Team Member Birthday

    A company team member honored on her birthday.

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