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  1. Boating Safety - How to Stay Safe While Boating

    Boating Safety - How to Stay Safe While Boating
    If you are about to set off on a grand boating trip with your family by your side, you will likely need to run through a safety checklist to ensure your family's safety on the open water. By ensuring that all of the mechanical and electrical components are in proper working order, you can put together a stress-free trip that will have you motoring through some of the last wilderness areas in the country. Here are a few specific guidelines you should follow to stay safe while boating. Continue reading →
  2. PS4 VS. Xbox One: Which System is Right For You?

    PS4 VS. Xbox One: Which System is Right For You?
    The video game console war continues to heat up with the planned releases of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony in 2013. Although both of these new devices promise exciting new games and hours of online entertainment, the two consoles also have many differences. Gamers who want the best device to suit their playing style will need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each system before choosing a next-generation console. Continue reading →
  3. Frankenstorm - Were People Prepared for Sandy?

    Power Outages Across NY as Seen From Brooklyn Hurricane Sandy has already left over 8 million families without power, and estimates predict it will not return for up to 10 days.  She caused devastation up and down the East Coast of the United States, in places tropical storms rarely ever touch.  Stamford, Connecticut saw a storm surge 12 feet high.  A dam burst in New Jersey, leaving several towns under 6 feet of water.  Flooding such as that, as well as the high winds toppled cranes, trees, and parts of houses.  Fallen power lines pose fire danger, and over 50 houses have caught fire for this reason. One third of the nation was hit by Sandy, and this was only one storm.  Every year, dozens of hurricanes, winter blizzards, and earthquakes cause power outages around the world.  Whether they qualify as “Superstorm” or not, all of us are at one time or another impacted by the power of Mother Nature.  It is important to prepare.  To help with this, Good Morning America today did a segment called “Cooking Without Power after Superstorm Sandy.”  And for years, the American Red Cross has suggested that every family keep a disaster preparedness kit nearby with easy access. Continue reading →
  4. Lemonade Stand

    All he wants is a friend to enjoy lemonade with. Enjoy Issue #2 and PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!!
  5. The Life Of Battery Man: Based On A True Story

    This is the debut of Battery Man, Batteries In A Flash's comic creation.  Follow him on his journey to fight crime and save the world, or to just take a peek at his everyday life.
  6. Come See Us at the Business Expo 2010 in the World Market Center LV!

    On Wednesday the 23rd of June (along with about 200 other companies) will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. The Expo is designed to give Chamber members an exclusive opportunity to present their products and services, network and get to meet the other members of the Las Vegas Business Community. The Expo will...

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