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  1. Video Series Video Series works hard to assure that we cater to our customers needs in fast, efficient, and cost effective ways,¬†providing value and service In A Flash! We all need batteries daily in our lives. Once the battery dies in your much needed or favorite device, it seems as though the world stops. Continue reading →
  2. Can Silly Putty help create a breakthrough battery?

    Can Silly Putty help create a breakthrough battery?
    Plasticine of  Digital family - pad, phone, computer It's hard to resist the tug of a smile when imagining electrical engineers playing with silly putty. Dismiss the grin, switch playful imagination for objectivity, and we see the reality of the situation. The engineers of Riverside Bourns College of Engineering are actually researching ways to improve the efficiency of batteries with the aid of a compound found within silly putty. Thanks to this research, the nervous twitch of focus from smartphone screen to flashing low-battery icon may soon be a thing of the past. Continue reading →
  3. Lithium Ion Batteries: Is the Mystery Solved?

    Lithium Ion Batteries: Is the Mystery Solved?
    Battery Pack A recently completed scientific study will revolutionize the makeup of lithium ion batteries. It seems that what scientists have assumed is the slowest part of the chemical reaction in the battery is wrong, and it has been wrong for years. Batteries have been designed with the intention of increasing the speed of this reaction, thus speeding up the battery process, hopefully leading to increased voltage output. The mystery is as the chemical reaction time was decreased by new designs, the reaction times were not improved; this was especially true at high and low voltage use of the battery. Continue reading →
  4. Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs

    Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs
    Old And Used Electronic Home Waste. In recent years there have been steep advances in electronics, and with it all, an equally strong public interest that has led many to utilize various forms of technology in everyday life. However, with all of the new gadgets, there also comes the hassle of keeping everything in order. A person can quickly become overwhelmed by the responsibility of maintaining a growing collection of electronic items. Luckily, there are many ways to streamline the growing complications. Continue reading →
  5. To Infinity and Beyond: NASA's Search for the Ultimate Space Battery

    To Infinity and Beyond: NASA's Search for the Ultimate Space Battery
    The astronaut on a background of a planet NASA is now on the hunt for a new kind of battery which will keep spacecraft energized throughout new expeditions. This battery will help take astronauts further from earth than ever before. The old batteries that use hydrogen and lithium simply aren't going to cut it for these future travels where astronauts will be embarking on record distances from the Earth. NASA recently announced that it is offering up to $250,000 for alternative battery solutions that can be implemented for use future deep space and Earth missions. Continue reading →

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