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Environmental practices, solutions and living are needed to create a sustainable living conditions for all earthlings.

  1. Free Batteries - Where to get them

    Free Batteries - Where to get them
    Free Batteries!! This is what everyone needs to know these days. Where to get them and how. Everything you own anymore is wifi enabled, connected, bluetooth ready, wireless and so on. With all these electronics staying up on batteries can be tricky, not to mention expensive. So I will show you a trick I use in the office for all of our TV remotes, wireless mice, keyboards and more. Let the video be your guide. Continue reading →
  2. Recycling Batteries - Easier Than You Thought

    Recycling Batteries - Easier Than You Thought
    When thinking of recycling, do batteries come to mind? Probably not! Don't worry, most people don't think of them either. In fact, I'm willing to bet they would only mention glass, aluminum, paper or plastic. The truth of the matter is, battery recycling is one of the most important items to recycle. Check out our video about recycling batteries to learn why. Continue reading →
  3. Let Solar Lighting Brighten Up Your Evening

    Let Solar Lighting Brighten Up Your Evening
    Summer is finally come and gone, cool autumn breezes are now sweeping across the sky. Wonderful time to enjoy your favorite beverage around a backyard fire pit. In anticipation for this time of the year I was looking for some solar lighting to lighten up my backyard when I stumbled across Allsop Home & Garden. Started by father and daughter combo it has become a family business that has flourished. They combine creative materials with solar to make beautiful and sustainable outdoor products. Continue reading →
  4. Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs

    Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs
    Old And Used Electronic Home Waste. In recent years there have been steep advances in electronics, and with it all, an equally strong public interest that has led many to utilize various forms of technology in everyday life. However, with all of the new gadgets, there also comes the hassle of keeping everything in order. A person can quickly become overwhelmed by the responsibility of maintaining a growing collection of electronic items. Luckily, there are many ways to streamline the growing complications. Continue reading →
  5. 6 Battery Powered Items Replacing Gas-Powered Machines

    6 Battery Powered Items Replacing Gas-Powered Machines
    Electric Car And Gasoline Car Concept. Hand Holding Gas Pump And Cars aren't the only thing making the switch from gas to electricity. From lawnmowers to entire power plants, the gas engine is being replaced by batteries for a more efficient way of powering items. Let's examine why some items run better with batteries before looking at the numerous items being redesigned to work on electricity. Why Switch to Batteries? Batteries and the use of electricity represents a better solution for many things over combustion engines. Electrical items provide the same mobility as traditional tools, but they're quieter, produce less heat and tend to be more efficient in their usage of energy than their fossil fuel-burning counterparts. Continue reading →

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