Valerie, a valued team member of BatteriesInAFlash, Birthday Cake

Interestingly enough people work at jobs and work places without ever being recognized or even giving a second thought after the initial hiring. Hardly making employment enjoyable and definitely not allowing one to have self worth about there role with the company. This is not the case at BatteriesInAFlash.

Happy Birthday Valerie

On Friday we celebrated Valeries Birthday, a valued team member. Serenading her with the traditional birthday trite, she blew out her candles and made her wish. She received a beautiful cake and had lunch with everyone present to help her celebrate becoming 29 years young, lol women!

BatteriesInAFlash group picture while singing Happy Birthday

It's your Birthday

Afterwards she was giving gifts and everyones best wishes. Thank you Valerie for being a part of our team. Note: Although it is Valerie's birthday she asked to be left out of the pictures purposefully. We respected her wishes this time because its her B-Day, but beware next time Valerie!!!