Avel Ureño

Founder & co-owner of BatteriesInAFlash.com Inc, Avel is a proud small business owner that helps make jobs for Americans. He is the creative director for the BatteriesInAFlash blog and mastermind of all technology with the company. He enjoys connecting with other business owners for sharing and collaborating.

  1. Get on the Course with SkyCaddie

    Serious golfers need serious equipment. Get on your game with the SkyCaddie golf PDA and never miss the green again.
  2. About

    BatteriesInAFlash.com was started by two friends with a long history of trial and error in finding a great product to sell. The result was a small corporation and a booming website with one methodology in mind, Great Customer Service. We are called BatteriesInAFlash because you receive you order InAFlash, really. If you don't believe me, try me. I'm sure that...

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