Avel Ureño

Founder & co-owner of BatteriesInAFlash.com Inc, Avel is a proud small business owner that helps make jobs for Americans. He is the creative director for the BatteriesInAFlash blog and mastermind of all technology with the company. He enjoys connecting with other business owners for sharing and collaborating.

  1. Read our blog on your iPhone

    Finding ways to deliver BatteriesInAFlash Blog to your iPhone.
  2. Googles Android lands Sept 17 at T-Mobile

    Google's Android scheduled to go on sale September 17 at participating T-Mobile stores.
  3. ASD/AMD Trade Show Day at Sands Expo Center

    BatteriesInAFlash visits ASD/AMD General Merchandise Show at The Sands Expo Center and The Las Vegas Convention Center
  4. BatteriesInAFlash Team Member Birthday

    A company team member honored on her birthday.
  5. When are you really cordless?

    How much thought have you put into your cordless phone. What makes a great cordless phone?
  6. The Challenges Begins

    Apple and Toshiba redefining mobile computing.

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