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Founder & co-owner of BatteriesInAFlash.com Inc, Avel is a proud small business owner that helps make jobs for Americans. He is the creative director for the BatteriesInAFlash blog and mastermind of all technology with the company. He enjoys connecting with other business owners for sharing and collaborating.

  1. How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 1

    How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 1
    Lithium-ion batteries have become a commonplace invention in our most treasured electronics. Pound for pound lithium is some of the best materials to create rechargeable batteries from. We use these batteries in almost anything with a rechargeable battery, PDAs, cell phones, iPods and laptops. The energetic lithium can also be quite volatile in the case of a failure. It is amazing how much we rely on lithium ion batteries, but how do they work exactly?
  2. DIY: Laptop Battery Rebuild

    DIY: Laptop Battery Rebuild
    That laptop battery is not going to last forever. They never do. The cost of a new battery can set you back quite a bit, and always relying on wall outlets can be a hassle. If your battery is not up to par and dies quickly it may be time to replace. You don't always have to rely on others for all of your battery needs. This is a short introduction to how to do it yourself, and rebuild a laptop battery. This makes a fun project, but can be a bit dangerous. Safety first.
  3. Putting Your Laptop Battery on a Diet

    Batteries are an essential laptop element. The technology available today, and the vast amounts of power spots make batteries an under the radar risk. However, if you are in a car ride, or an eleven hour plane ride to Japan a battery is what you need. Of course, everyone knows the basic tips. Stuff like, dim your screen, minimize processes, disable the wireless and so on. These tips can help get that bit of extra playtime on your flight, but there are more.
  4. Cell Phone & Smart Phone Battery Survivalist Guide

    The battery is dead, again. What happened? A few months ago, this battery would last for days. Now it is lucky to survive during the waking hours. It was fully charged last night. Today, battery life is essential, especially with the advent of smart phones that can play music, games, text message, do homework, and occasionally operate as a phone. Many people have opted to lose the land line and go completely mobile. This is all fine, until the battery dies while standing in the middle of Times Central Station with no way to charge it.
  5. Come See Us at the Business Expo 2010 in the World Market Center LV!

    On Wednesday the 23rd of June BatteriesInAFlash.com (along with about 200 other companies) will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. The Expo is designed to give Chamber members an exclusive opportunity to present their products and services, network and get to meet the other members of the Las Vegas Business Community. The Expo will...
  6. Energizer Duo Charger Comes With Bonus Trojan Virus!

    Energizers Duo really stood by its products name. Should you have been one of the lucky purchasers of the Energizer Duo battery charger you may have inadvertently downloaded a virus along with the software that allows you to watch your batteries charge. It basically Duo'd as a charger and virus spreader.
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