August 2010

  1. What Exactly is an AGM Battery?

    What Exactly is an AGM Battery?
    Solar panels are a large investment. In order to have a properly working and efficient system, the system needs to have a good battery bank. A good battery bank will keep the system regulated, a constant power supply to the house, and be low maintenance. The initial investment for absorbent glass material (AGM) batteries is well worth the long term required maintenance costs. AGM batteries are a specific type of valve regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA)
  2. I Pad, U Pad - We all scream for Blackpad?

    The race for technology in the palm of our hands is akin to the arms race amongst nations. Research in Motion, Blackberry's parent company has reportedly taken an entrance in the race. The iPad set a bar that several companies are vying to match and overcome. Blackberry is slated to release their competition in November, no doubt to raise sales in the Christmas season. This has been cited from Bloomberg, which has two anonymous sources reporting the company's plans.
  3. How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 3

    How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 3
    Due to the nature of lithium ion batteries, the volatility and the power they can be rather expensive. Since they are expensive, it only makes sense to make the battery last as long as possible. The first tip to elongating the life of your battery is the discharge cycle. Lithium ion batteries prefer a partial discharge compared to a deep discharge. A deep discharge is similar to a car battery, it requires a large amount of the battery to be used before recharging. It is best to avoid taking the charge to zero for lithium ions. These batteries do not require a memory, so a partial discharge will not harm them.
  4. How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 2

    Lithium battery packs come in all shapes and sizes but share mostly the same components. If you were to open up a battery pack you would find several components. It is recommended not to open the battery pack, as it can lead to shortages and/or fires. The first component to look at is the actual battery cell. These battery cells almost resemble AA batteries in most cases. Some can be shaped similar to a 9-volt battery. These are the life blood of the battery. The pack also has several components to monitor the battery.
  5. How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 1

    How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 1
    Lithium-ion batteries have become a commonplace invention in our most treasured electronics. Pound for pound lithium is some of the best materials to create rechargeable batteries from. We use these batteries in almost anything with a rechargeable battery, PDAs, cell phones, iPods and laptops. The energetic lithium can also be quite volatile in the case of a failure. It is amazing how much we rely on lithium ion batteries, but how do they work exactly?

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