March 2010

  1. Energizer Duo Charger Comes With Bonus Trojan Virus!

    Energizers Duo really stood by its products name. Should you have been one of the lucky purchasers of the Energizer Duo battery charger you may have inadvertently downloaded a virus along with the software that allows you to watch your batteries charge. It basically Duo'd as a charger and virus spreader.
  2. Wagan Solar Power - e Charger, Power in a Pinch

    Wagan Tech inc has come out with a range of very conveniently sized (pocket-able) solar chargers for consumer electronics. They will charge batteries, iPods, digital cameras etc, all from the sun. The units themselves are very lightweight and come in two distinct types.
  3. Power Your Posing, iPhone 3G Case Comes With a Flash & Its Own Battery!

    Lenmar Battery has recently come out with a cover for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs. The cover itself is a fairly standard hardened rubber sort of affair, with a couple of notable exceptions. For one it has a battery built into the case, which can be charged from an external USB source, it also addresses the lack of a flash on the iPhone.
  4. Facebook GPS Giveaway Winner

    Check out the BatteriesInAFlash Facebook GPS Giveaway Winner.

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