The 2010 State of the Union Address was a highly anticipated speech. The country still resides in a state of shambles with the financial crisis, mortgage crisis and unemployment with new record highs across the United States. In a time of despair people instinctively turn to a leader for guidance. In everyone's minds the question remains, is President Barak Obama going to be that leader or will the last 8 years repeat themselves.

The Address regarding Renewable Energy

Thoughts on the issue

After watching the Address on Wednesday 27, 2010 Streamed live on my iPhone via a handy official app called The White House I had better sense of where the country was heading. The majority of the issues had a positive overtone and reasonable solutions; all though, the company present at the Address seemed to have mixed emotions.

One particular issue struck a accord with BatteriesInAFlash. The comprehensive Energy and Climate Bill which would essentially reward people and companies for switching to alternative energies. Passed in 2009 by the House, The Energy and Climate Bill would give incentives that will make clean energy the profitable path of energy. It not only goes on to reward for the use of Renewable Energy but will also create jobs in America for the expansion and production of own resource at home.

This is the movement that we are long over due for The United States. Many countries are already ahead of us by creating, using and implementing clean and renewable energy in there everyday lives. To clarify my statement, yes The United States is ranked #1 for Renewable Energy; however, there are countries like Germany and Finland that are including solar, wind and geothermal into there buildings architecture to make a seamless integration of Renewable Energy. I hope, that although the speech was energetic and inspiring, that he holds true to his convictions.