November 2009

  1. Great Gift Idea, the BCUNI Universal Battery Charger

    This is a fairly ingenious device that will let you charge a whole lot of different batteries in the one unit. It’ll do most all of your camera, cell phone, AA, AAA, AAAA and N sized batteries. The trick is in the way it clamps your batteries in place onto the moveable contact points, you have to adjust these yourself but it’s a fairly simple task.
  2. Great Gadget Gift Ideas For The Holidays

    We’ve taken a stab here at compiling some of the more popular items that you might be looking at while out and about, drawn across from various sources across the web for your convenience. Of course a lot of these actual rankings are purely subjective (for instance if you have tiny square fingertips you might like the iPhone keyboard more than I do) but they do at least provide some means of comparison.
  3. Trojan Hydrolink Battery Watering System

    Filling a large bank (or multiple banks) of batteries can be a time consuming and somewhat dangerous process. For larger applications you have to open, recap and fill each battery individually which can be time consuming when done over multiple banks. Also as you are exposing yourself to raw battery acid, often in somewhat awkward positions there is the potential for overfilling or splashing of battery acid. The HydroLink system takes care of this by allowing you to fill multiple batteries at once from a single water source.
  4. Whats in your printer? Probably not Batteries!

    Blue Spark Technologies produce printed carbon-zinc batteries, which are small, environmentally friendly and most importantly cheap enough to produce to make them viable. These batteries are also incredibly thin; their standard battery is 750 microns thick (that’s 0.75 of a mm), while their Ultra-Thin series of batteries can go as slim as 500 microns.

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