Trojan 8D-AGM 12V 230Ah Group 8D Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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Trojan 8D-AGM 12V 230Ah Group 8D Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Trojan T8D-AGM 12V 230Ah Group 8D Deep Cycle AGM Battery

The Trojan T8D-AGM 12V 230Ah Group 8D Deep Cycle AGM Battery is an excellent choice for any Marine, RV, Aerial Work Platform, Floor Machine or Renewable energy battery needs. With over 85 years of experience, Trojan Battery – the world’s most trusted name in deep-cycle technology – offers Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries for heavy-duty cycling applications. Specially designed deep-cycle cells are much less susceptible to degradation due to cycling and are required for applications where the batteries are regularly discharged, such as photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles (forklift, golf cart, electric cars and other) and uninterruptible power supplies. These batteries have thicker plates that can deliver less peak current, but can withstand frequent discharging. Trojan Battery Company is the world leader in deep cycle battery technology. Since 1925, Trojan has been a pioneer in the development of superior deep cycle batteries. Decades of experience, ongoing research and dedication go into every deep cycle battery we manufacture. The bottom-line? You can depend on Trojan to deliver reliable, long lasting, continuous power and exceptional value. That's the Trojan advantage, and it's yours in every deep cycle battery with the distinctive maroon case. Fishing pros, serious mariners, and recreational boaters all know that a bad battery can spoil a great day, so they trust Trojan Marine products to deliver more hours of fun on the water. Major retailers and OEMs are discovering Trojan, too!

Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are designed to provide customers with:
  • Maintenance-free convenience which requires no watering.
  • Exceptional performance and long life with a robust AGM plate design.
  • A durable polypropylene case protecting against damage in heavy-service applications.
  • Rugged construction for improved vibration resistance.
  • Superior recharge efficiency.
  • Certified Sealed/Non-spillable (UN2800) batteries approved for air, sea and ground transportation.*
  • Removable carrying handles for easy lifting and installation.
  • Flame arrestor pressure vent for overall safety.
  • Trojan's proprietary Maxguard Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus paste formulation team up to increase battery life, extend run time and decrease maintenance.
  • Durability, reliability and proven technology mean you can depend on Trojan batteries for consistent performance day in and day out.
  • Dual marine terminals allow you to hook up all of your electronic gear.
  • Large vent caps on deep cycle models reduce the potential for acid leakage.
  • Trojan wet cells are most often found in solar energy applications, marine, RV, and a variety of other applications.
  • Manufacturer Warranty

Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are ideal for applications that require non-spillable batteries with heavy-duty cycling capabilities or for backup power. Get the true cycling power you need for your equipment with Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM batteries today!

Trojan T8D-AGM 12V 230Ah Group 8D Deep Cycle AGM Battery Specifications

  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 230Ah
  • 5 Hour Rate Ah: 179
  • 10 Hour Rate Ah: 210
  • 20 Hour Rate Ah: 230
  • 100 Hour Rate Ah: 254
  • Capacity Minutes: @25 Amps: 460
  • Chemistry: AGM
  • Battery Size: Group 8D
  • Terminal Type: DT-6 Automotive Post and Stud Terminal
  • Length: 20.47in.
  • Height: 9.08in.
  • Width: 10.64in.
  • Weight: 161 lbs
  • Core Class: E

Trojan’s deep-cycle absorbed glass mat (AGM) maintenance-freebatteries for renewable energy applications feature a number of design elements to provide optimum performance. Robust plates extend the life-cycle of Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM batteries. A separator of glass fibers serves to isolate the positive and negative plates while acting as a blotter to absorb the electrolyte. The separator is maintained under compression between plates to assure contact with plate surfaces. A computer-generated grid design is optimized for high-power density. Low calcium grid alloy reduces gas emissions and a flame arresting, one-way pressure relief vent prevents buildup of excessive pressure. Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are low temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant and have a low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency.

More Information
Width 10.64
Height 9.08
Length 20.47
Condition New
Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
Brand Trojan
Trojan Applications FM, MR, OG
Chemistry Flooded
Output Voltage 12V
Amperage(20 hours) 230
Amperage(100 hours) 254
Rechargeable Yes
Terminal Type DT - Dual Top Terminals
Input Voltage 12V
Input Voltage 12V
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