Alkaline Battery A21PX Replaces 523 EN133A PC133A - 6pk

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Alkaline Battery A21PX Replaces 523 EN133A PC133A - 6pk

Alkaline Battery A21PX Replaces 523 EN133A PC133A - 6pk

The 21PX or 523 is an unusual cell often used in classic cameras. It is a cylindrical battery with flat contacts at each end.

The 21PX or 523 battery is used to maintain computer time, date and configuration in certain models of Apple Macintosh computer (Parameter Random Access Memory, Parameter RAM, or just PRAM). Apple Macintosh Plus, Macintosh 512 and Macintosh 512K E take this battery.

Cameras such as the Praktica LLC, EE2/EE3, PLC2/PLC3, VLC/VLC2/VLC3 and Bolex H16 Movie Camera take this PX21 or 523 battery.

This PX21 battery has an NSN number of 6135-99-114-1239 and a US Military part number of BA-1098/U.

  • Type: Alkaline
  • Voltage: 4.5V
  • Diameter: 16.8 mm
  • Height: 49.9 mm
  • Box of 6
Also Known As: A133 / 523 / EN133A / PC133A / V21PX / RPX21 / A21PX / APX21 / EPX21 / 3LR50 / 1306AP

Exell Batteries not only provide consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.

Exell Battery is one of the few product lines Proudly Assembled in the USA.Made with Alkaline cells, Exell Batteries will last longer and offer consumers excellent reliability.

More Information
Diameter 16.8mm
Height 49.9mm
Condition New
Brand Exell Battery
Output Voltage 4.5
Rechargeable No
Batteries Included? No
Dimmable No
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