K2 Energy K2C123A Charger 4 LFP123A 3.2V Li-Ion Batteries CR123 Case

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K2 Energy K2C123A Charger 4 LFP123A 3.2V Li-Ion Batteries CR123 Case

K2 Energy K2C123A Battery Charger with 4 LFP123A 3.2V Li-Ion Batteries and CR123 Travel Case

K2 Energy 3.2V 600mAh LFP123A Li-Ion Battery batteries are made out of K2's patented LFP chemistry. LFP is a safer lithium that doesn't have thermal stability problems. Recharge it 1000's of times. Charge from 3.65 to 4.2 volts and discharged down to 1.0 volt. Average operating voltage is 3.2 volts. This battery is similar in size to a CR123A/16340. It is 33.5mm H x 16.3mm D with a 6mm button nose top. The battery weights 17 grams. Never buy a lithium CR123A cell again. With a life expectancy of over 2,000 uses, this battery could outlast your device.

Kit comes with a portable 2 slot K2 Energy Lithium Ion battery charger to keep your LFP123A batteries fully charged and always ready when you need them.

K2 Energy Lithium Ion Battery Charger Specifications
  • AC Input Voltage: 50/60Hz 100V-240V
  • DC Input Voltage: 12V (DC Plug Included)
  • Input Current: 250mA
  • Output Voltage Load: 3.7V 300mA ±50mA
K2 Energy 3.2V 600mAh LFP123A Li-Ion Battery Specifications
  • Voltage: 3.2V
  • Amperage: 600mAh
  • Type: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Length: 1.31in (33.5mm)
  • Width: 0.64in (16.3mm)

K2 Energy 3.2V 600mAh LFP123A Li-Ion Battery Applications: Solar Lighting, Home Security Systems, Digital cameras, Electronic Cigarettes, E-CIG, GPS, Digital calipers, calculators, electronic clocks, medical equipment, measuring instrument, sensors, radio transceiver, and many other electronics.

  • Use special caution when working with secondary lithium cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mishandled.
  • Protective Circuit Board is required when making packs
  • Make sure user has enough knowledge on secondary lithium rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use.
  • Put the batteries in fire-proof container in charging
  • Never leave batteries unattended when charging
  • Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging

Battery Storage Boxes keep your batteries safe and secure and are made in the USA!Help protect against battery discharge. Pop in a fresh set of batteries and put them in your camera case, office, glove box, luggage, or store some in your house for emergencies. Individual "wells" prevent your batteries from rolling around, even if the case is less than full. Each case has a see through cover and skid resistant "feet" on the bottom of the outer shell to prevent from sliding off a table or desk. Super-secure dual latches keep the case securely closed to prevent accidental opening.

  • Color: Black
  • Keeps batteries safe and secure
  • Protects against battery discharge
  • Strong outer shell made of hard durable plastic
  • Great latch closure to stay locked
  • Color coded red line identifies the type of battery case
  • Great for traveling - Can place in camera case, office, glove box, luggage
  • See through cover - View which batteries are stored without opening case
  • Has secure dual latch to prevent accidental opening
  • Reduced reflective properties for Military, Police, Commercial, and Outdoor markets

Note: We ship LFP123A Li-Ion Batteries in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportations CFR 49. This may mean additional shipping charges in which case you will be contacted within 48 hours. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

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More Information
Width 0.64"
Length 1.31"
Condition New
Brand K2 Energy
Battery Size CR123
Chemistry Li-Ion
Output Voltage 3.2
Amperage 600mAh
Rechargeable Yes
Batteries Included? Yes
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