Bright Way Group 5212 7.5 Amp Auto Smart Battery Charger Maintainer & Desulfator

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Bright Way Group 5212 7.5 Amp Automatic Smart Battery Charger Maintainer & Desulfator

This 7-mode smart charger draws power from a wall outlet to charge and maintain the battery on your RV, car, boat, trailer, or 4-wheeler. Multistage charging extends battery life. Charges flooded lead-acid, AGM, and gel batteries

  • 12 volt/7.5 amp smart
  • 6 ft. AC power cord
  • 6 ft. cord on DC side
  • 14 ft. total reach from AC outlet
  • 17 in. ring terminal connector
  • 18 in. clamps connector
  • Polar mode, recondition mode, power supply mode, and bulk maintaining mode so can be left connected to
  • Length: 11.10in
  • Width: 7.10in
  • Height: 2.90in
  • Wight: 2lbs
  • AC-to-DC smart charger quickly charges and maintains your battery (Perfect for RVs, cars, boats, powersports, and trailer batteries)
  • Automatic multistage charging switches modes as the battery charges - helps extend battery life
  • Multiple modes offer charging profiles for a variety of conditions (Mode button cycles between charging profiles)
  • LED indicators show charging status and fault conditions
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents battery damage
  • Durable insulated cables ensure a solid connection with battery (Ring terminal and battery clamp connectors included)
Charging Modes:
  • Polar: This mode enables the charger to work at temperatures below 20 F.
  • Recondition: This mode uses a pulsing charge of 15 to 15.7 volts that will help break up sulfate deposits in your battery. This is great for batteries that may have experienced sulfation due to lack of charging.
  • Power supply: This mode delivers a steady 13 to 13.6 volts and 2.5 amps to low-power devices. This is ideal for golf carts, lawnmowers, and other smaller devices.
  • Maintenance: This mode prevents overcharging and extends battery life. It's designed for batteries that are being stored for extended periods of time.
  • Memory: This will automatically return the charger to its previous charging mode after it has been disconnected or turned off.
  • Error and recondition: This will automatically be selected after analyzing and determining a battery's condition to be poor.
More Information
UPC 848050052125
Width 7.10
Height 2.9
Length 11.10
Condition New
Brand Bright Way Group
Scalability 12 Units in parallel
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