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Xantrex 84051 XPower PowerSource 1800 Backup Power Supply

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Xantrex 84051 XPower PowerSource 1800 Backup Power Supply -More

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Xpower PowerSource 1800 Backup Power Unit by Xantrex

Power outages are a reality that can threaten your productivity and sense of comfort. The XPower PowerSource 1800 by Xantrex is the perfect backup power solution for essential home appliances, emergency power electronics, and full size office equipment during a power outage. PowerSource 1800 will supply up to twelve hours of uninterrupted backup power for a small office, and up to eight hours of runtime for essential home appliances and small electronics during a power outage.

Until now, backup power products on the market have only been able to provide limited backup power for outages, and not extended runtime like the XPower PowerSource 1800. The XPower PowerSource 1800 switches to backup power automatically when a power outage occurs. This happens seamlessly so the home appliances and electronic devices that are hooked up to it won’t sense the power outage. They’ll run off the XPower PowerSource 1800’s charged battery for hours. When grid power returns, the XPower PowerSource 1800 switches the devices back to utility power, recharges its internal battery and enters a standby mode until the next outage occurs.

  • 1800W inverter with five 115 VAC power outlets for operating multiple devices simultaneously
  • Built-in transfer relay provides reliable backup power capability
  • Bright LED light turns on automatically when power outage occurs to provide illumination over the AC outlets
  • Digital LED display indicates battery capacity status and total wattage of the devices connected to the PowerSource
  • Audible alarm signals 10 minutes before the PowerSource runs out of battery power
  • Integrated handles for easy transportation
  • Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer PowerSource life
  • Recharges from home AC wall outlet
  • Supplies up to eight hours of runtime for essential home appliances and small electronics during a power
  • Switches to backup power automatically when a power outage occurs
  • Recharges from home AC wall outlet
  • Sealed, non-spillable 51 amp-hour AGM battery
  • Five 115 VAC outlets
  • Home Backup Power: Will run a fridge, freezer, sump pump and 1000W microwave, fish tank light and air pump, home alarm system and garage door
  • Emergency Power: Will run essential electronics such as a 20" TV, radio, fan, mobile and cordless phone, and a 40W emergency light
  • Small/Home Office Backup Power: Will run a laptop, desktop and 20" LCD or CRT monitor, 600 W office lamp, inkjet printer, 4-in-1copier/printer/fax/scanner, internet modem, VoIP phone, mobile phone and cordless phone
Product Specifications
  • AC output power (max. continuous): 1440 W (2300 VA)
  • AC output power (5 minutes): 1800 W (2900 VA)
  • AC output surge capacity (peak): 3600 W
  • AC output voltage: 120 Vac/60 Hz
  • Internal AC charger: 5 A
  • Transfer switch: 15 A max / < 80 milliseconds
  • Internal battery: 51 Ah, sealed, lead-acid
XPower Powersource 1800 Runtimes
  • Laptop (20W) - 22 Hours
  • Inkjet Printer (8W) - 46 Hours
  • Cell/Cordless Phone (5W) - 64 Hours
  • Table Lamp (40W) - 10.5 Hours
  • Desktop Computer (200W) - 1.5 Hours
  • 20" LCD Monitor (52W) - 7.5 Hours
  • 20" LCD TV (75W) - 5 Hours
  • 18 cu ft. Fridge (120W) - 2.75 Hours
  • Sump Pump 1/2 hp (300W) - 1 Hour
  • Microwave (920W) - 12 Minutes
  • Home Alarm System (5W) - 63 Hours
How Long Will it Provide Power?
  • Home Backup Power Combo: Full-size fridge, home alarm system - Up to 1.5 hours
  • Emergency Power Combo: Cordless phone, 20" color TV, clock radio, table lamp - Up to 4 hours
  • Home Office Combo: Desktop computer, 20" LCD monitor, inkjet printer, wireless modem/router, cordless phone - Up to 2.5 hours
  • Small Office Combo: Inkjet printer, cordless phone, wireless modem/router, laptop - Up to 10 hours

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Additional Info

Additional Info

UPC 715535113919
Weight 55.0000
Condition New
Warranty Life 1
Width 8.25"
Brand UPG
Height 19.25"
Length 11.25"


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