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UPG 12V UB12350 Mobility Scooter Battery 35Ah U1 For Hoveround

  • Brand :  
  • UPG
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 12V
  • Amperage :  
  • 35Ah
  • Chemistry :  
  • AGM
  • Battery Size :  
  • Group U1
  • Length :  
  • 7.68" (195.07mm)
  • Height :  
  • 7.13" (181.10mm)
  • Width :  
  • 5.16" (131.06mm)
  • Terminal Type :  
  • L Post Terminal
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 1yr
  • Model Number :  
  • D5722-MS

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AGM Sealed Lead Acid Group U1 35Ah 12V UB12350 Battery For Jazzy, Hoveround, Rascal and many more mobility scooters

This state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type (sometimes called "sealed" or maintenance-free), which fixes the acid electrolyte in an absorptive fiberglass mat.

The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.

Universal Power Group is a leader in competitively priced sealed absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. This new technology provides the following benefits compared to old technology wet batteries:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Sealed no leak design
  • Higher cranking amps
  • Lower self discharge
  • Greater vibration resistance
  • Heavy duty, no corrosion terminals
  • Electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mat separators, which act as absorbent sponges
  • 1 yr. Manufacturer Warranty
  • UPG Model No. D5722
  • Also Known As UB12350 (Group U1)
  • Manufactured by Universal Power Group
  • NOTE: SLA (AGM), Gel Cell ship via UPS Domestic (USA) ONLY.

UPG 12V UB12350 Mobility Scooter Battery 35Ah U1 For Hoveround   UPG 12V UB12350 Mobility Scooter Battery 35Ah U1 For Hoveround   UPG 12V UB12350 Mobility Scooter Battery 35Ah U1 For Hoveround  
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