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5pc 10pk Exell EB-SR43 Silver Oxide 1.55V Watch Battery Replaces SR43W

  • Brand :  
  • Exell Battery
  • Rechargeable :  
  • No
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 1.55V
  • Chemistry :  
  • Silver Oxide
  • Battery Size :  
  • 386 / 301
  • Height :  
  • 0.17" (4.32mm)
  • Diameter :  
  • 0.46" (11.68mm)
  • Country of Manufacture :  
  • China
  • Model Number :  
  • EB-SR43_5QTY

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5pc 10pk Exell EB-SR43 Silver Oxide 1.55V Watch Battery Replaces SR43 386

EB-SR43 SR43W Silver Oxide watch cell battery is normally used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years. Other applications may include calculators, film cameras, medical instruments, cash registers, or FA instruments (measuring instruments, onboard microcomputers, sensors). This is a "W" high drain battery. High Drain batteries are for applications with a continuous, low power consumption and occasional high peaks: Analog and digital watches with extra functions (backlight, alarm), pocket calculators, electronic games, cameras, etc. This is in comparison to low drain batteries, which are best used in devices that use a small amount of power over a long time: Analog watches, TV remotes, alarm clocks, etc.

EB-SR43 Watch Cell Battery Specifications
  • Voltage: 1.55V
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Diameter: 0.46in (11.6mm)
  • Height: 0.17in (4.2mm)
  • Terminal Type: Watch/Button Cell
  • 10pcs Card

Exell EB-SR43 Silver Oxide Watch Cell Battery Also Known As: 10 L 124/D 386, 1132SO, 1133SO, 1167A, 1176A, 186, 186-1, 226, 226/12 OTC, 260, 280-01, 280-41, 301, 301A, 386, 386 RW 44, 386A, 386BP, AG12, D, D186A, D386, G12, G12A, GP186, GP386, GP86A, GS12, H, H BATTERY, L1142, LR1142, LR43, R 301/1, R 386/6, RW 34, RW 44, RW84, S04, S07, S1142E, S1142S, SA-AB, SB-A8, SB-B8, SG12, SP301, SP386, SR 43, SR 43 SW, SR 43 W, SR1142, SR1142SW, SR1142W, SR43, SR43SW, SR43W, SR43W/SW, V12GA, V301, V386, WS 11/D 301

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