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10pk Exell EB-L736 Alkaline 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces AG3 LR41 392

  • Brand :  
  • Exell Battery
  • Rechargeable :  
  • No
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 1.5V
  • Chemistry :  
  • Alkaline
  • Battery Size :  
  • 392 / 384
  • Country of Manufacture :  
  • China
  • Model Number :  
  • EB-L736
  • UPC :  
  • 819891018236

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10pk Exell Battery EB-L736 Alkaline 1.5V Watch Cell Battery Replaces AG3 LR41 392

EB-L736 AG3 Alkaline Watch Cell Battery is a popular button shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V and has a high operating voltage, high capacity, and superior low temperature characteristics. The EB-L736 popularly used cameras, calculators, hearing aids, toys, watches, PDAs, remote controls, clocks, games, laser pointers, MP3 players and other non-precision electronic devices.

EB-L736 Watch Cell Battery Specifications
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Terminal Type: Watch/Button Cell
  • 10pcs Card

Exell EB-L736 Alkaline Watch Cell Battery Also Known As: 384, 392, 192, SR41, G3, RW87, LR1120, V3GA, GP92A, L736, AG3, SR41W, SR41SW, SR41, SR736, S736E, V392, 392A, 92A, D392, 392, 192, GP392, LR736, G3A, V3GA, V36A, LR41, GP192, D384, V384, SP384, 247D, 247, CX41, K, RW87, 280-13, SB-B1

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