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10pack Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces 371/370

  • Brand :  
  • Exell Battery
  • Rechargeable :  
  • No
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 1.55V
  • Amperage :  
  • 26mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • Silver Oxide
  • Height :  
  • 0.08" (2.03mm)
  • Diameter :  
  • 0.37" (9.40mm)
  • Country of Manufacture :  
  • China
  • Model Number :  
  • EB-SR921
  • UPC :  
  • 813662024853

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10pack Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces SR920SW, SR69, 371/370

The Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery is a popular button shape Silver Oxide battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. It has high operating voltage, high capacity, and superior low temperature characteristics. Used in cameras, calculators, hearing aids, toys, watches, PDAs, remote controls, clocks, games, laser pointers, MP3 players and other non-precision electronic devices.

Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery Specifications:
  • Voltage: 1.55V
  • Amperage: 26mAh
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Diameter: 0.37" (9.5mm)
  • Height: 0.08" (2.1mm)
  • Weight: 0.019oz (0.55g)
  • Terminal Type: Watch/Button Cell

The Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery Is Also Known As: 370, 371, D370, D371, SP371, SR69, SR920, SR920W, SR920SW, Z

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10pack Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces 371/370   10pack Exell EB-SR921 Silver Oxide 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces 371/370  
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Seiko 7N29-5101
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Seiko 7N29-6E19
Seiko 7N29-6E19 R1
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Seiko 7N29-8051
Seiko 7N29-8A09
Seiko 7N29A
Seiko 7N29C
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Seiko 7N32-00N0
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Seiko 7N32-0DJ0
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Seiko 7N32C
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Seiko 7N33-5A09
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Seiko 7N42-7000
Seiko 7N42-7189
Seiko 7N42-7A60
Seiko 7N42-7B29
Seiko 7N42-7C00
Seiko 7N42-8000
Seiko 7N42-800A
Seiko 7N42-8070
Seiko 7N42-8089
Seiko 7N42-8089 A4
Seiko 7N42-8090
Seiko 7N42-8099
Seiko 7N42-8100
Seiko 7N42-8108
Seiko 7N42-8109
Seiko 7N42-8219
Seiko 7N42-8490
Seiko 7N42-8901
Seiko 7N42-8A90
Seiko 7N42-9040
Seiko 7N42-9049
Seiko 7N42-9049 A4
Seiko 7N42-9089
Seiko 7N42-9A10
Seiko 7N42-OAL0
Seiko 7N42-OAM0
Seiko 7N42-OBTO
Seiko 7N42-OCBO
Seiko 7N42-OCSB
Seiko 7N42-OCVO
Seiko 7N42-OEHO
Seiko 7N42-OEJO
Seiko 7N42A
Seiko 7N42C
Seiko 7N43
Seiko 7N43-0041
Seiko 7N43-0AB0
Seiko 7N43-0AR0
Seiko 7N43-0AS0
Seiko 7N43-0AZ0
Seiko 7N43-0BF0
Seiko 7N43-0BFO
Seiko 7N43-1010
Seiko 7N43-29070
Seiko 7N43-2M21
Seiko 7N43-5009
Seiko 7N43-5549
Seiko 7N43-6011
Seiko 7N43-6120
Seiko 7N43-6A89
Seiko 7N43-7098
Seiko 7N43-7101
Seiko 7N43-7450
Seiko 7N43-7840
Seiko 7N43-7A39
Seiko 7N43-7A49
Seiko 7N43-7A59
Seiko 7N43-7A79
Seiko 7N43-7B00
Seiko 7N43-7B40
Seiko 7N43-8001
Seiko 7N43-8049
Seiko 7N43-8069
Seiko 7N43-8110
Seiko 7N43-8111
Seiko 7N43-81111
Seiko 7N43-8119
Seiko 7N43-812M
Seiko 7N43-8199
Seiko 7N43-8299
Seiko 7N43-8309
Seiko 7N43-8849
Seiko 7N43-8A30
Seiko 7N43-8A39
Seiko 7N43-8A49
Seiko 7N43-8A69
Seiko 7N43-8A89
Seiko 7N43-8A90
Seiko 7N43-8A90 A4
Seiko 7N43-8A99
Seiko 7N43-8A99 A4
Seiko 7N43-8B20
Seiko 7N43-8B39
Seiko 7N43-8B49
Seiko 7N43-8B89
Seiko 7N43-9011
Seiko 7N43-9041
Seiko 7N43-9046
Seiko 7N43-9048
Seiko 7N43-9048 4A
Seiko 7N43-9048 A4
Seiko 7N43-9049
Seiko 7N43-9069
Seiko 7N43-9069 A4
Seiko 7N43-9070
Seiko 7N43-9084
Seiko 7N43-9251R2
Seiko 7N43-9A00
Seiko 7N43-9AOO
Seiko 7N43-A39
Seiko 7N43-DAMD
Seiko 7N43-OABO
Seiko 7N43-OAC8
Seiko 7N43A
Seiko 7N43C
Seiko 7N47
Seiko 7N47C
Seiko 7N48
Seiko 7N48-8111
Seiko 7N48-8200
Seiko 7N48-8A00
Seiko 7N48-9A00
Seiko 7N4847
Seiko 7N48C
Seiko 7N93
Seiko 7N93C
Seiko 83506510
Seiko 8530-6510
Seiko 8M11
Seiko 8M15
Seiko 8M15A
Seiko 8M18
Seiko 8M18A
Seiko 8M25
Seiko 8M25-6029
Seiko 8M25-6179
Seiko 8M25A
Seiko 8M25B
Seiko 8M26
Seiko 8M26A
Seiko 8M29
Seiko 8M29-6009
Seiko 8M29A
Seiko 8M32
Seiko 8M32A
Seiko 8M35
Seiko 8M35-6010
Seiko 8M35-8009
Seiko 8M35-800A
Seiko 8M35A
Seiko 8M37A
Seiko 8M51
Seiko AG6
Seiko BP22
Seiko H556
Seiko H557
Seiko H557-5310
Seiko H557A
Seiko H601
Seiko H601-5389
Seiko H601-5430
Seiko H601-5480
Seiko H601A
Seiko H801
Seiko H801A
Seiko L012
Seiko L012A
Seiko LR920
Seiko PXE123
Seiko S18
Seiko S21
Seiko SB-AN
Seiko SBAW
Seiko SGG786
Seiko SLK093
Seiko SQ 5Y23
Seiko T001
Seiko V657
Seiko V657-8099
Seiko V657-9010
Seiko V657-9019
Seiko V657-9039
Seiko V657-9099
Seiko V657A
Seiko V671-6001
Seiko V671A
Seiko V722
Seiko V722-7058
Seiko V729
Seiko V729-X066
Seiko V729A
Seiko V732
Seiko V732-0190
Seiko V732-0790
Seiko V732-0J80
Seiko V732-0L70
Seiko V732-0M38
Seiko V732-0POO
Seiko V732-ID68
Seiko V732-OJ80
Seiko V732-OM38
Seiko V732-X190
Seiko V733-6C80
Seiko V733-X034
Seiko V733-X066
Seiko V735
Seiko V736
Seiko V739-0830
Seiko V739-0A40
Seiko V739-0A59
Seiko V739-0A89
Seiko V742-0119
Seiko V742-8090
Seiko V742-8119
Seiko V742-8A00
Seiko V742-8A20
Seiko V743-8850
Seiko V743-8A00
Seiko V743-8A20
Seiko V743-8B39
Seiko V743-8B50
Seiko V743-9029
Seiko V743-9A20
Seiko V743A
Seiko V744-X004
Seiko V789-0819
Seiko Y100-5059
Size 1171SO
Size 1188SO
Size 280-31
Size 280-51
Size 30
Size 370
Size 371
Size 371A
Size 371B
Size 371BP
Size 371L
Size 537
Size 605
Size AG6
Size B370H
Size D370
Size D371
Size GP371
Size LR69
Size LR920
Size LR920W
Size R370
Size R371
Size RW315
Size RW415
Size S18
Size S21
Size S921E
Size SB-AN
Size SB-AW
Size SB-BN
Size SG3
Size SP370
Size SP371
Size SR69
Size SR920
Size SR920SW
Size SR920W
Size SR921
Size TR920SW
Size TR920W
Size V370
Size V371
Size Z
Skagen Titanium 105LTX
Ssih 9929
Tag 4000 WF1120
Tag Heuer WAH1011
Tag Heuer Formula 1 WAH1011
Thommen Revue Greenmark
Tissot PR 50 Atolo
Tissot TR100
Toshiba D1L
Toshiba D1T
Varta 537
Varta V370
Varta V371
Varta V371/537
Varta V537
Varta Chron V371
W. Honegger ETA 955.412
Wenger Swiss Army Military 200M
Wenger Swiss Military 7291X
Wenger Swiss Military V371

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