Trojan SPRE 06 255 6V 255Ah Solar Smart Carbon True Deep Cycle Premium Battery

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Trojan SPRE 06 255 6V 255Ah Solar Smart Carbon True Deep Cycle Premium Battery -More

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Trojan SPRE 06 255 6V 255Ah Solar Smart Carbon True Deep Cycle Premium Battery

Solar Premium batteries are optimized for Renewable Energy applications which operate under challenging conditions such as fluctuating or extreme temperatures, remote locations and the intermittent nature of solar and wind power generation. Designed with a 10-year battery life, Trojan Battery’s Solar Premium line of flooded, deep-cycle batteries is specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions of renewable energy applications. Our product strategy is focused on one simple objective – manufacture the highest quality battery available in the industry, which is why our Premium line is tested to IEC standards.

Trojan SPRE 06 255 6V 255Ah Solar Smart Carbon True Deep Cycle Premium Battery Specifications:
  • Model:SPRE 06 255
  • Voltage: 6V
  • 10 Hour Rate: 211Ah
  • 20 Hour Rate: 229Ah
  • 48 Hour Rate: 244Ah
  • 72 Hour Rate: 249Ah
  • 100 Hour Rate: 255Ah
  • Weight: 67lbs
  • Length: 10.30in.
  • Width: 7.13in.
  • Height: 11.74in.
  • Country of Manufacture: U.S.A.
The Premium Line features:
  • Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology which optimizes porosity development in the active material enabling the active material to be used more effectively. This results in sustained battery performance over a longer period of time.
  • DuraGrid Design provides a thick grid structure that resists corrosion, and when combined with the Alpha Plus Paste with T2 technology, increases overall battery life.
  • Maxguard XL Separator is exclusively available in Trojan’s Premium and Industrial lines. It features a wide-channel design which increases acid flow for optimum battery performance, and provides even greater resistance to stratification, a typical mode of failure in batteries used in renewable energy systems.
  • The Polyon container is Trojan’s ultra-rugged case design which protects against damage caused by harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture and dirt buildup, and safeguards against potential acid leaks.
Trojan SPRE 06 255 6V 229Ah Solar Smart Carbon True Deep Cycle Premium Battery Compatibility
  • Arvin: T-105
  • Ballymore Company Inc.: HW1-10, HW1-7, HW2-13, HW2-16, HW3-19, HW3-22, HW4-24, HW4-27, PS-10, PS-11
  • Clarke Industries Inc.: 26i, 32i, I-24
  • Columbia Parcar/Seats Inc.: BC3-21, BC3-21XB, BC3-30, BC3-30XB, BC3-40, BC3-40XB, BC3-50, BC3-50XB, BC4-18, BC4-18XB, BC4-25, BC4-25XB, BC4-35, BC4-35XB, BC4-45, BC4-45XB, Cargo Express, Chariot CR-10, Eagle P4E XP Plus, Eagle P4E-PM, Expediter EX21-F, Expediter EX21-T, Shuttle C6E, Stockchaser IR_11, Tram C10E, Utilitruck EU2400XB, Utilitruck EU4, ZEV Commuter
  • Crown: CR-225
  • Crown Industrial Trucks: 15B, 15M, 20M, WP2020
  • Direct Power: SG-3-S/UT
  • Douglas: GC-110
  • Dyno Battery: GC2c
  • E-Z-Go: 1000E, 800E, 875AE Ambulance, Eagle SGC, Industrial 640, Industrial 800E, Industrial 835, Industrial 875E, Industrial 875PE, Industrial 881E, Shuttle 952E, Shuttle 954E, Shuttle 955E, Shuttle 956E, Shuttle 957E, Shuttle TXT 2+2, Shuttle TXT4, Shuttle TXT6, TXT, TXT Freedom LE, TXT Freedom SE
  • East Penn (Deka): GC15P
  • Exide: E3600
  • Genie Industries: GR-12, GR-15, GR-16, GR-20, GR-8, GS-1530, GS-1930, GS-2, GS-2032, GS-2046, GS-2632, GS-2646, GS-2668RT, GS-3232, GS-3246, GS-3268RT, TMZ-34/19, TMZ-50/30, TZ-34/20, TZ-50
  • Grove Manlift: SM2232E, SM2532, SM2632E, SM2646E, SM3160E
  • Interstate: U2200
  • Interstate Batteries: U2200
  • JH Global Services: JHG48-4, JHG48-6, STAR 48-6L, STAR 48-6SF, STAR-B48-8, STAR48-4L
  • JLG Industries Inc.: 1230ES, 1532E, 1932E, 2030ES, 2033E, 2046E, 2630ES, 2646E, 2685E, 3246ES, NLI, SPN16-10, SPN20-7.5, SPW19-15, SPW24-7.5
  • John Deere: E-Gator
  • Kent/Euroclean: 35R, Blue 32, KA-200BST, KA-201B, KA-261, KA-262B, KA-266EB, RoboKent Scrubber Vac, RoboKent SweeperVac, SelectScrub 20B, SelectScrub 20BT, Stainless Steel Model 20, Stainless Steel Model 26
  • Mayville Engineering: 1532ES, 1932ES, 2033ES, 2548HT, 3068ES, Hite-Master
  • Minuteman International Incorporated: 1000B, 1100, 1200B, 24B, 320, 32B, 950, B53, KS57, MC32037, MC32038, SBR50, SBR60, SBR70, SBR85, VAC-35
  • Mk East Penn: 8GGC2
  • Multi-Clean: 1000B, 1000SB, 1100, 1200B, 24B, 32B, ACS, B53, KS57, SBR50, SBR60, SBR70, SBR85
  • Niftylift Inc.: SP 26, TM24, TM33
  • Nilfisk-Advance: 1000, 20 UHSB, 20 UHSBD, 2000, 2000B, 200B, 200HD, 200LX, 2052B/HM, 20B, 210B, 21B, 240, 240LX, 24B, 2500, 2500B, 260B, 265LX, 26B, 26BF, 2700, 280, 285LX, 28HD, 28LX, 320, 3200, 3200C, 325LX, 32B, 32BD, 32LX, 34HD, 3800, 385HD, 385LX, 38BD, 38LX, 5000B/HM, 5010B/HM, 5015B/HM, 5800B, AquaMAX, BHS 5120, T2000, Trac 320, Trac 380, VS20
  • NSS Enterprises Incorporated: 200LX, 2016 DB/AB/AE, 20B, 20W/D, 210B, 21B, 24, 240LX, 24B, 260B, 2625, 2625 DB, 265LX, 26B, 26VS, 2730, 2730 DB, 27F/B VS, 285LX, 28LX, 325LX, 32B, 32BD, 32LX, 3330, 3330 DB, 33F/B VS, 385LX, 38BD, 38LX
  • Pioneer/Eclipse Corporation: PE-2000B, PE-2000C, PE-2400S, PE-3200S
  • Pullman/Holt Corporation: GB2000
  • Rolls-Surrette: EIGH210M
  • Skyjack Inc.: SJIII
  • Snorkel International: AB38N, AB38W, S1930, S2033, S2545, S2633, S2646, SL 15, SL 19, SL 20, SL 26, SLH 2580, SLH 3280, SLH 4090, SLH 4091, UNO 33E, UNO41E
  • Taski: 1465, 1480, 210E, 215E HD, 215E ST, 2510, 2550, 426 ST, 432 ST, 450E, 465, 480, 5700 ST, 6100, 6100E, 6200, 7200 ST
  • Taylor Dunn: Aristocrat, B-050, B-100, B-150, B-2101 AMB GT, B-210EE, B-210GT, B-238, B-248 36V GT, B-248 48V GT, B-254 36V GT, BT-248 36V GT, BT-280 36V GT, Burdenmaster B2-10, C-415, C-432, C-433, Carrymaster B-125, E-Tram BT2-80, e2050 Workman, Expeditor MX600, FT-240, FT-280, Loadmaster B1-50, Model B 2-48, MX-1600, MX-600, R-380 36V, R-380 36V GT, R-380 48V, R-380 48V GT, Roadmaster R3-80, SC-090 24V, SC-100 24V, SC-100 36V, SC-100 48V, SC-175, SS-534, SS-536, SS-546, Stepsave SS5-36, Stockchaser SC1-59, Tourmaster B-100
  • Tennant Company (Castex Inc.): Boss 2000B
  • Tennant Company (Nobles Industries Inc.): AS5400, Strive Rider
  • Terex Corp.: 2034, 2548, 32/21E, 32/21N, 41/24E, 41/24N, A28, A32J, A38, A42J, TA33, TA34, TA40, TA50E, V, V1433, V1433XL, V1833, V1833XL, V1932, V2033, V2033XL, V2048, V2048XL, V2053, V2648, V2648XL, V2653, V2653XL, X-14
  • Tornado Industries: 105B, 125B, 130B, 9400
  • Trojan: T-105
  • Upright: AB38N, AB38W, SL20, SL26N, SL30N, SP37, TL33, TM12, X20N, X20W, X26 Ultra-N, X26N
  • US Battery: US-2200
  • Windsor Industries Incorporated: 20, 24, 28, 34, PT-20, PT-24, PT-32, S-200, S-260, S-260XP, S-261, S-262, Tracker AS
  • Zefer: ZLS-15HC, ZLS-15n, ZLS-19n, ZLS-20n, ZLS-26n

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 67.0000
Width 7.13
Height 11.74
Length 10.30
Condition New
Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
Brand Trojan
Trojan Applications RE, SPRE
Chemistry Flooded
Output Voltage 6V
Amperage(20 hours) 229
Amperage(100 hours) 255
Rechargeable Yes
Termination SLT


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