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Solar Panel Batteries

When setting up a photovoltaic array or single module system, it is important to have the right backup power for your system. Solar panel batteries are designed to receive the power created by a solar panel and transform it into usable energy. They also serve as a backup, storing the energy received for those times when the sun isn't shining. offer many varieties of solar panel batteries to fit all of your renewable energy needs from well known brands such as Trojan, UPG, and Rolls Surrette.

These batteries come in flooded lead acid and sealed lead acid forms. For an in depth explanation of battery composition and all their inner workings, check out our battery knowledge base. As a brief overview,

  • Flooded Lead Acid batteries are deep cycle, meaning they can be deeply discharged and recharged many times. They have the longest life and least cost of the options for solar power batteries. However, flooded batteries require regular maintenance, including watering, equalizing, and cleaning of the battery. A good example of a flooded lead acid battery is the Rolls Surrette 6V.
  • Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) batteries such as the UPG 12V on the other hand, have about 20% less capacity, cost more, and have a lighter and shorter cycle life. The advantage of AGM batteries is their sealed design which increases safety and prevents spillage. They can be placed in a variety of positions, require no maintenance or filling, and are more efficient than flooded batteries.


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