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12V 2Ah SLA Panasonic AG456 Camcorder Battery Replaces PV-BP50

  • Output Voltage :  
  • 12V
  • Amperage :  
  • 2000mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • AGM
  • Model Number :  
  • EPP 130CBK

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Panasonic PV-BP50 Replacement Battery
  • Battery fits Panasonic AG456, PV500, PVS770, VSB0164, and many more
  • Replaces Panasonic PV-BP50
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Sealed Lead Acid
  • Memory Free
  • NOTE: SLA (AGM), Gel Cell ship via UPS Domestic (USA) ONLY

Manufacturer Model
Chinon CV-BP89
Chinon CV-T84
Curtis Mathes VSBS0016
GE 1CVA156
GE CG-650
GE CG-670
GE CG-671
GE CG-680
GE CG-684
GE CG-686
GE CG-895
GE CG-9906
GE CG-9907
GE CG-9908
GE CG-9910
GE CG-9911
GE CG681
Jc Penney 686-6015
Jc Penney 686-6023
Jc Penney 686-6062
Jc Penney 686-6232
Jc Penney 855-3026
Jc Penney 855-8520
Jc Penney 855-8611
Jc Penney 855-8959
Jc Penney 890-1886
Jc Penney 890-1902
Jc Penney 890-2454
Maganvox CVK300
Maganvox Magnavox CBK300
Maganvox Magnavox CBKK310
Maganvox Magnavox CBKK315
Maganvox Magnavox CBKK320
Maganvox Magnavox CVJ360
Maganvox Magnavox CVK610
Maganvox Magnavox CVL300
Maganvox Magnavox CVL301
Maganvox Magnavox CVL310
Maganvox Magnavox CVL318
Maganvox Magnavox CVL319
Maganvox Magnavox CVL320
Maganvox Magnavox CVL810
Maganvox Magnavox CVM310
Maganvox Magnavox CVM315
Maganvox Magnavox CVM710
Maganvox Magnavox CVM720
Maganvox Magnavox CVN310AV
Maganvox Magnavox CVR325AV
Maganvox Magnavox CVR330AV
Maganvox Magnavox CVR335AV
Maganvox Magnavox V80096BK01
Maganvox Magnavox VSBS0016
Memorex BP30RS
Memorex MODEL 16837
Memorex SM4200
Memorex SM4300
Memorex SM4400
Olympus VFBP8U
Olympus VX-407
Panasonic AFX12
Panasonic AFX8
Panasonic AG-185U
Panasonic AG-188
Panasonic AG-455
Panasonic AG-456
Panasonic AG-459
Panasonic AG-461
Panasonic AG187
Panasonic AG195196U
Panasonic AGB20P
Panasonic AGB21P
Panasonic AGBP188U
Panasonic AGBP20
Panasonic AGBZOP
Panasonic BPBP20P
Panasonic LC-S2012DVBNC
Panasonic LC-SD122BU
Panasonic LCSD122EU
Panasonic M-3000
Panasonic NV-M400
Panasonic PK-700
Panasonic PV-500
Panasonic PV-501
Panasonic PV-502
Panasonic PV-510
Panasonic PV-602
Panasonic PV-604
Panasonic PV-610
Panasonic PV-700
Panasonic PV-704
Panasonic PV-710
Panasonic PV-720
Panasonic PV-760
Panasonic PV-760A
Panasonic PV-760B
Panasonic PV-800
Panasonic PV-810
Panasonic PV-900
Panasonic PV-910
Panasonic PV-918
Panasonic PV-940
Panasonic PV-950
Panasonic PV-960
Panasonic PV-BP50
Panasonic PV-S70
Panasonic PV-S770
Panasonic PV6100
Panasonic VSB-0164
Panasonic VSB0016
Panasonic VWVBF2
Pentax VE258
Philco VKR-110
Philips CPK-816
Philips CPK-832
Philips CPL-820
Philips CPL-827
Philips CPL-915
Philips V80096BK01
Quasar VE-258
Quasar VM-32AC
Quasar VM-33AC
Quasar VM-700
Quasar VM-705
Quasar VM-706
Quasar VM-710
Quasar VM-716
Quasar VM-717
Quasar VM-718
Quasar VM-735
Quasar VM-737
Quasar VM-749
Quasar VM32
Quasar VM33
Radio Shack 23-187
Realistic 23187
Samsung SC-F703
Samsung SC-F754
Samsung SC-X704
Samsung SC32
Samsung SC34
Samsung SC35
Samsung SC704
Samsung SC755
Samsung SC756
Samsung SC765
Samsung SCF-30
Samsung SV-LB6
Sears 53661
Sears 53662
Sears 53671
Sears 53672
Sears 53684
Sears 53685
Sears 53991
Sylvania V80096BK01
Sylvania VKC210
Sylvania VKC221
Sylvania VLC-218
Sylvania VLC-225
Sylvania VMC-226
Sylvania VSBS0016
Technika CB920
Technika CX921
Zenith VAC907

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