Replacement Backup Battery for APC RBC5 Cartridge 24V 7Ah

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Replacement Backup Battery for APC RBC5 Cartridge 24V 7Ah -More

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Replacement Backup Battery for APC RBC5 Cartridge

These sealed lead-acid batteries are connected in series to form a battery pack that fits many APC power supply models. Keep your UPS unit fully functional as a reliable backup with a top quality battery replacement. The advantage of using sealed lead-acid batteries is their valve regulated design which fixes the acid electrolyte in an absorptive fiberglass mat.

The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment. This maintenance-free battery also provides higher cranking amps and lower self-discharge than other equivalent, wet batteries.

Features of the RBC5 replacement
  • Fits APC SU600, SU700, DL700 and many other models
  • Replaces APC Cartridge #5
  • 24V; 7Ah
  • 168 Whr rating
  • Sealed Lead-Acid (AGM) chemistry

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Additional Info

Additional Info

UPC 880487215032
Weight 12.0000
Width 5.1"
Height 3.7"
Length 5.9"
Condition New
Brand UPG
Chemistry AGM
Output Voltage 24
Amperage 7Ah
Terminal Type F2 (.250") Tab


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