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Duracell Alkaline batteries are produced in most widespread sizes, for example AAA, AA, as well as 9V. Lesser-used sizes for example AAAA (primarily pertaining to pagers, penlights, blood sugar meters) also M dimensions battery packs (for clinic units and picture taking strobe display units) are created in a selection of "button" battery packs applying zinc-air, silver-oxide, also lithium chemistries, utilized in calculators, wristwatches, experiencing aids, as well as other modest (mostly medical-related) units.

Duracell likewise produces area of expertise battery packs, such as NiMH chargeable battery packs in addition to battery packs pertaining to digital cameras, wristwatches, experiencing aids, and so on.

Duracell's improvements enhanced to include brand-new battery models using prismatic battery packs, which are prismatic in shape rather than cylindrical. Prismatic cells were being offered with equally alkaline in addition to lithium models. Duracell launched "Power PixTM" battery packs along with NiOx engineering, meant to supply longer life with cameras as well as other high-drain units by means of up to double how many pics typically attainable along with alkaline battery packs.

Duracell Alkaline batteries are focused toward everyday consumers yet are "specially priced" for bulk orders. If you are a large volume commercial or government user, contact for special pricing and offers.

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