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2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L

  • Brand :  
  • Exell Battery
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 2.4V
  • Amperage :  
  • 800mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiCD
  • Length :  
  • 1.89" (48.01mm)
  • Width :  
  • 1.11" (28.19mm)
  • Terminal Type :  
  • Flat Top w/ Tabs
  • Country of Manufacture :  
  • U.S.A.
  • Model Number :  
  • EBR-2
  • UPC :  
  • 819891010957

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2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L

Razor Battery EBR-2 is a battery that consists of two cells side by side. It is the perfect replacement battery for Norelco, Remington, and Braun electric razor clippers and shavers. This battery is made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price.

  • Razor Battery EBR-2 Fits Norelco 282XL, Remington 457, Braun 2000, and more!
  • Voltage: 2.4V
  • Amperage: 800mAh
  • Chemistry: NiCd Nickel-Cadmium Battery
  • Terminal Type: Solder Tabs
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

In electric razors, batteries are usually soldered onto the electronic circuit board. In most cases, a soldering iron will need to be used.

NOTE: Please be advised that any alterations or soldering of batteries will void all warranties and prohibit refunds.

Exell Batteries not only provide consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.

Exell Battery is one of the few product lines Proudly Assembled in the USA. Made with Alkaline cells, Exell Batteries will last longer and offer consumers excellent reliability.

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2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L   2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L   2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L   2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L   2.4V Razor Battery Replaces Braun 2000, Norelco 3000 Remington 8B11L  
Manufacturer Model
Andis 32080
Braun 2000
Dantona RAZOR2
Eltron 2100
Eltron 2200
Eltron 2205
Exell Battery EBR-2
GE 41B020AC02101
GE 41B020AC161019801
Interstate Batteries ANIC0200
Norelco 13810334
Norelco 13810673
Norelco 13810727
Norelco 282XL
Norelco 3000SX
Norelco 300SX
Norelco 3801XL
Norelco 3805XL
Norelco 3865XL
Norelco 400DX
Norelco 4608X
Norelco 4625X
Norelco 4805X
Norelco 4805XL
Norelco 4807XL
Norelco 4816XL
Norelco 4817XL
Norelco 4821XL
Norelco 4825XL
Norelco 4845XL
Norelco 4852XL
Norelco 4853XL
Norelco 4861XL
Norelco 4865XL
Norelco 4885XL
Norelco 5602X
Norelco 5603X
Norelco 5605X
Norelco 5615X
Norelco 5616X
Norelco 5655X
Norelco 5801
Norelco 5801X
Norelco 5801XL
Norelco 5802XL
Norelco 5817XL
Norelco 5821XL
Norelco 5822XL
Norelco 5825XL
Norelco 5841XL
Norelco 5842XL
Norelco 5845XL
Norelco 5848XL
Norelco 5849XL
Norelco 5855XL
Norelco 5861XL
Norelco 5862XL
Norelco 5863XL
Norelco 5864XL
Norelco 5865XL
Norelco 5867XL
Norelco 5885XL
Norelco 5886XL
Norelco 5887XL
Norelco 600RX
Norelco 605RX
Norelco 650TX
Norelco 665RX
Norelco 6701X
Norelco 6705X
Norelco 6706X
Norelco 6709X
Norelco 6711X
Norelco 6716X
Norelco 6735X
Norelco 6737X
Norelco 6756X
Norelco 6826XL
Norelco 6828XL
Norelco 6829XL
Norelco 6846XL
Norelco 6848XL
Norelco 6863XL
Norelco 6865XL
Norelco 6866XL
Norelco 6867XL
Norelco 6885XL
Norelco 6886XL
Norelco 6887XL
Norelco 7616X
Norelco 7617X
Norelco 7735X
Norelco 7737X
Norelco 7745X
Norelco 7775X
Norelco 7775XL
Norelco 7825XL
Norelco 7845XL
Norelco 7864XL
Norelco 7865XL
Norelco 7866XL
Norelco 7867XL
Norelco 7885XL
Norelco 7886XL
Norelco 7887XL
Norelco 7BFSL1
Norelco 825RX
Norelco 835RX
Norelco 875RX
Norelco 8825XL
Norelco 8831XL
Norelco 8845XL
Norelco 8846XL
Norelco 885RX
Norelco 8865XL
Norelco 8867XL
Norelco 8880XL
Norelco 8890XL
Norelco 8B11L
Norelco 905RX
Norelco 915RX
Norelco 935RX
Norelco 945RX
Norelco 955RX
Norelco 965RX
Norelco 968RX
Norelco 985RX
Norelco 9961R RX
Norelco 9961RX
Norelco BT-2AA
Norelco HP1322A
Norelco HP2631A
Norelco RL11
Norelco RR-1
Norelco T-980 Beard Trimmer
Norelco T-990
Norelco ULTW-1
Norelco WER 6000
Norelco WER 6200
Norelco WER 8000
Norelco XLR 3000
Norelco XLR 930
Remington 457
Remington 4B3
Remington 5BF1 (M)
Remington 6B2L
Remington 6BL2
Remington 7BFSL1
Remington 8B11L
Remington DT42
Remington DT45
Remington RR1
Remington RR45DT
Remington ULTW1
Remington WER 6000
Remington WER 6200
Remington WER 8000
Remington XLR 3000
Remington XLR 930
Ronson RAZOR 2
Ronson RR3
Sanyo 9307
Schick F34
Schick F40
Schick WR 5000
Schick WR 7000
Schick WR 9000
Sun Battery R2
Texas Instruments BP7
Texas Instruments BP8
Texas Instruments T155
Welch Allyn 23600
Windmere RR3

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