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Phantom APP07L2-BS12 Motorcycle Battery LiFePO4 12V 7Ah 102CCA

  • Brand :  
  • UPG
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 12V
  • Amperage :  
  • 7Ah PbEq
  • Chemistry :  
  • LiFePO4
  • Length :  
  • 4.45" (113.03mm)
  • Height :  
  • 3.5" (88.90mm)
  • Width :  
  • 2.28" (57.91mm)
  • CCA :  
  • 102
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 1yr
  • Model Number :  
  • 48050
  • UPC :  
  • 806593480508

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Phantom APP07L2-BS12 Motorcycle Battery LiFePO4 12V 7A 102CCA - Left Polarity

UPG's Adventure Power series now offers Phantom APP07L2-BS12, an extreme-rate LiFePO4 motorcycle and powersports starter battery designed with Shorai technology. Built for extreme adventures, APP07L2-BS12 is on average 70% lighter than a standard Lead-Acid battery, while maintaining greater efficiency and versatility than the competition.

APP07L2-BS12 fits these common battery models: B54-6, 12N5.5-3B, 12N5-3B, 12N5-4B, YB4L-A, YB4L-B, YB5L-B, YB7-A, YB7B-B, YTX4L-BS, TYX5L-BS, YTZ5S

Features of the APP07L2-BS12:
  • Equivalent of Lead-Acid 12V, 7Amp battery
  • For 102CCA motorcycles
  • Left polarity
  • Max charge rate: 7Amp
  • Also known as LFX07L2-BS12
What makes Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries different from other batteries?
  • Quality Control:
      All the primary cell ingredients are sourced from Japan, tested for 6 weeks, and built in an ISO 9000:2008 certified factory. Finally, the battery is encased in a military spec Carbon Composite Case. This allows production of the most consistent and reliable cells.
  • Safety:
      LiFePO4 batteries are safer for the operator and the environment. No explosive gasses, lead, or acid are released during charge or leak out. Battery has Zero sulfation.
  • Prismatic Cells:
      Other companies offering Lithium-Iron based powersports batteries use cylindrical cells originally made for power tool applications.
      • These cells come in only one size, offering a less versatile fit. Prismatic cells can be freely designed and sized to fit many applications.
      • Power tool cells were not originally intended for the high current discharges in starter systems. Because they are being used out of original design, they will loose capacity every time they are used this way. Prismatic cells have been designed to be the perfect powersports starter batteries.
  • Ultra Light:
      On average, LiFePO4 batteries are one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries
  • Ultimate "Deep-Cycle" Battery:
      Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance. Faster cranking for better starts. Super-fast recharge rate. Can be discharged further than equivalent Lead-Acid batteries.
  • Lead-Acid Equivalent ("Pb Eq"):
      Lead-acid battery uses AH (capacity) ratings as shorthand to indicate sustained cranking ability, rather than a real time usable capacity. The lead-acid capacity rating itself is based on a complete discharge. But because a lead-acid battery looses capacity at higher rates the more it is discharged, the actual capacity for a starting battery which can reliably be used is the top 30%. Discharging any lead-acid battery in excess of 50% can damage the lead-acid battery if done repeatedly and it will encroach upon the capabilities of the battery in future uses.
      Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are a completely different chemistry. For example, the LFX18 12V series have 6Ah cells internally. But the cells are capable of 90% discharge without damage and while retaining more cranking ability, compared to roughly 30% for lead-acid. As such, the USABLE capacity(or "reserve capacity") of an LiFePO4 6Ah battery is the same or better than a 18AHr-rated lead acid battery, while providing superior cranking performance and a vast reduction in weight. The PbEq AH (lead-acid equivalent) rating system therefore allows users to compare a very different technology from lead-acid, but to still compare “apples to apples”.

Phantom APP07L2-BS12 Motorcycle Battery LiFePO4 12V 7Ah 102CCA  
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Yamaha CY50 Riva Jog 50CC
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Yamaha EW50N 50 CC
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Yamaha NG 50 CC
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Yamaha SH50 Riva Razz 50CC
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