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Laptop Battery For AST Ascentia A41 Replaces Duracell DR36

  • Output Voltage :  
  • 12V
  • Amperage :  
  • 4000mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiMH
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 1yr
  • Model Number :  
  • LTNM-9052-4.0

List Price: $109.99
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 Special Price: $89.95


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Laptop Battery Replaces Hitachi, Sager, AST, Epson (Smart)
12V 4000mAh
NoMEM Nickel Metal-Hydride Battery
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer Model
Ast Ascentia A41
Ast Ascentia A42
Ast Ascentia A51
Ast Ascentia A60
Ast Ascentia A60 Plus
Ast Ascentia A70
Ast Ascentia M5000 Series
Ast Ascentia M6000 Series
Bsi NB8600
Canon DR202
Canon DR36
Canon DR36S
Canon EMC/36
Canon ME202BB
Canon NL2020
Canon Note Jet III CX Series
Canon Note Jet III Series
Canon NoteJet III
Canon NoteJet IIICX P120
Canon P120/(smart)
Canon SMP02
Chem USA ChemBook 5400
Chem USA ChemBook 5580
Chem USA ChemBook 6800
Chicony Chicony 1500
Clevo Clevo 66
Clevo Clevo 82H
Clevo Clevo 86
Clevo Clevo 862
Clevo Clevo 863
Clevo Clevo 86A
Clevo Clevo 870
Clevo Clevo 873
Clevo Clevo 875
Clevo Clevo 96
Clevo Clevo 96H
Clevo ME202BB
Clevo Model 98 ME202BB
Commax NB8600
Ctx EZBook 800 Series
Ctx EZBook FA3I266
Ctx EZBook FA4I300
Ctx EZBook FB21I233
Ctx EZBook FB3I266
Daewoo Daewoo 7550
Dfi NB6600
Duracell DR-202
Duracell DR-36S
Duracell DR36 (smart)
Duracell EMC36
Duracell ME202BB
Duracell NJ1020
Duracell NL2020
Duracell SL202
Duracell SL36
Duracell SMP202
Epson 6200D
Epson 6200T
Epson Vividy Note 510ED
Epson Vividy Note Pro C
Epson Vividy Note Pro CX
Epson VividyNote 510ET
Epson VividyNote 512ST
Epson VividyNote 513ST
Hitachi Aquarius
Hitachi Aquarius Series
Hitachi Athena Series
Hitachi DR202
Hitachi DR36S
Hitachi ND 2 Series
Hitachi ND1 Series
Hitachi Plus Series
Hitachi VisionBook 133
Hitachi Visionbook plus
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4100
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4140
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4150
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4300
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4350
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4360
Hitachi Visionbook plus Series
Hitachi Visionbook Pro
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000 Series
Hitachi VisionBook Pro Series
Idp Vagueru
Kapok 6100
Kapok 6200
Kapok 6200A
Kapok 6200M
Kapok 6400M
Kapok 6800M
Kapok 7200
Kapok 7600
Kapok 7800
Kds DR202
Kds Valiant 5340AS
Kds Valiant 5350
Kds Valiant 6370
Kds Valiant 6380
Kds Valiant 6480
Kds Valiant 6480 Series
Kds Valiant 6480iPTD
Kds Valiant 6480iPTD Series
Kds Valiant 6480iTPD
Kds Valiant 6481
Kds Valiant 6481 Series
Kds Valiant 6481CIPTD
Kds Valiant 6481CiPTD Series
Kds Valiant 671DP
Kiwi OpenNote 820
Lenmar LBDR36
Lenmar LBDR36HS
Lenmar LBDR36LS
Magitronic 600 Series
Magitronic 610 Series
Magitronic 620 Series
Magitronic 862 Series
Magitronic 864 Series
Microintl Mint6200
Multi Media Media Topline 86
NEC Ready 440T
Northstar Aries Series
Ntk submarine
Olivetti ME202BB
Olivetti Xtrema 423S ME202BB
Pico ME202BB
Pico Pico 668 ME202BB
Sager NB2160
Sager NB8600
Sager NP6200
Sager NP6200 Series
Sager NP6601862
Sager NP7200 Series
Sager NP8100
Sager NP8300
Sager NP8320
Sager NP8600
Sager NP8620 (smart)
Sager NP8700 Series
Sager PC-M200
Samsung SEN SPRO 500 Series
Samsung SensPro 500
Samsung SensPro 522
Samsung SensPro 523
Samsung SensPro 524
Samsung SensPro 525
Smart Tec GreenNote
Sys-tech Ranger l-Note
Tatung TNB5500
Tatung TNB5600
Tiger Designote Series
Tiger GT Series
Tj Technolo TekBook 822
Trigem 1100DB
Trigem 210DB
Trigem Gemlite 1075
Trogon E12 Series
Wedge Tech PowerBook 5CD

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