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Install PMPAIPOD4 Battery

This guide will help you to properly install the Lenmar Battery PMPAIPOD4 for fourth generation Apple Ipods®. You will need a very small flathead screwdriver and a torx wrench, damage may result if you attempt to use other tools than stated. Proper steps to ensure the safety of the user and device should be carefully observed before proceeding with the installation.

Lenmar Battery PMPAIPOD4 installation guide for fourth generation Apple Ipod® Replacement battery for 616-0183

Step 1: Using a flathead screwdriver start by prying open the side of the case, work your around the area that lines up with ffwd button. Carefully twist the screwdriver and pry up the bottom corner closest to the screwdriver.

Step 2: Using the screwdriver wedged inside the case, gently work your way up to the top of the Ipod®, unclipping the case clips as you go.

Step 3: Having one side of the Ipod® already unclipped work your way around and unclip the rest. Support the hard drive with your finger and now you can now flip the main section of the Ipod® face down. Take notice not to damage the ribbon cable connected to the back case cover.

Step 4: Using the screwdriver and your fingers, disconnect the power cord connector from the socket. Please pay attention to the original orientation. Using a torx wrench, remove the two screws at the end of the main board, next to the power cable. Move the power cable around the main board.

Step5: You can now plug in the new battery, apply the new battery to the original glue spots and snap the case back on.

Lenmar Battery PMPAIPOD4 installation guide for fourth generation Apple Ipod® Replacement battery for 616-0183

Ipod® is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc.

WARNING: This battery may require special installation skills or tools to replace. For skilled end users only., Inc. assumes no responsibility for improper assembly or excessive force that may result in damage to your Ipod® by trying to install the battery by yourself. Installing this battery requires a moderate level of technical ability and proficiency in the use of hand tools as well as a general understanding of electronic components. The user assumes full responsibility for damages or problems caused by use of these instructions.

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