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Phantom Motorcycle Batteries

Phantom Motorcycle Batteries

Phantom Adventure Power Series

UPG Adventure Power Series has taken their suburb quality to a legendary level by introducing the Phantom Motorcycle Battery Series that is powered with LiFePO4 cell technology. We finally have stock so check out our selection of lifepo4 motorcycle batteries from the Phantom series.

As a matter of fact, more and more people are switching over from conventional battery chemistries (NiMH, NiCD, SLA) to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) for many reasons. UPG understands this and they have decided to provide outdoor enthusiast top quality batteries with the latest technology. If you are new to the world of LiFePO4, the benefits of having LiFePO4 battery cells include:

  • Extremely light - As a matter of fact on average the weight of a LiFePO4 battery is about one-fifth to one-sixth of a ordinary lead-acid batter
  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • It is able to hold between 2 to 4 times of a charge relative lead acid batteries
  • Having a super fast recharge rate
  • There is no worry of having explosive gasses during it's charge since there is no lead or acid
  • Because of that, these Phantom Series batteries are environmentally friendly, just discharge and recycle
  • This is a perfect replacement for your OEM Battery

Because of it's ability to hold a charge and it's light weight, the life of these batteries can go on until your vehicle dies. Not to mention, with it's lighter weight it helps lower the overall mass of your vehicle to help improve gas mileage. In today's world of rising gas prices, getting a Phantom LiFePO4 battery would be an ideal choice.

The Phantom has a military spec carbon composite case for ultimate durability to help get you through the toughest conditions. It was made with Japanese engineering and components so when it comes to reliability, you know it is there.

What is "Pb Eq"?
This is the lead acid equivalent. Lead-acid battery uses AH (capacity) ratings as shorthand to indicate sustained cranking ability, rather than a real time usable capacity. The lead-acid capacity rating itself is based on a complete discharge. But because a lead-acid battery looses capacity at higher rates the more it is discharged, the actual capacity for a starting battery which can reliably be used is the top 30%. Discharging any lead-acid battery in excess of 50% can damage the lead-acid battery if done repeatedly and it will encroach upon the capabilities of the battery in future uses.

General Product Specifications
(All Batteries will share these specs)

  • Chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Cell Structure: Adventure Power Phantom LFX Hybrid Stacked & Rolled Prismatic Polymer
  • Control Circuit: Cell Balancing, parallel connection (which cannot adversely affect vehicle systems)
  • Operating Temp Range: -10f to 130f
  • Self-discharge rate: 50% max from 100% SOC @ 12 months (for <76f average storage temp)
There are over 25 different batteries in the Phantom Series to choose from that fit thousands of motorcycles and other vehicles. For a brief overview of how each model compares to the others, take a look at their catalog. UPG is so confident in there batteries, they includes a 1 year manufacturer warranties. Come get your new environmentally friendly battery today!

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