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Golf Cart / Utility Batteries

It's a sunny day; the grass is green; a light breeze is blowing from the west. You are off to a relaxing day on the golf course, but your E-Z-Go Cart is dead. It won't start, and the battery won't charge. That could definitely put a damper on a day. Whether it be a John Deere Gator for pleasure, a Hoveround mobility scooter, or a Genie industrial lift, rely on for all your Lead Acid needs. We offer both deep cycle, flooded lead acid batteries as well as the sealed, maintenance-free AGM type in well-known brands such as Trojan, Universal Power Group (UPG), and Centenial.

A Little Bit About Lead Acid Batteries
What are the main differences between a flooded and sealed battery? For a conclusive description of how compositions and capacities effect performance, check out our battery knowledge base. Basically, a flooded lead acid battery (also known as "Wet") has the lowest price and makes a great starter battery because of its ability to "deep cycle," or be strongly discharged between charging. It can often require frequent maintenance, by refilling. A sealed lead acid battery (also known as Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM) uses sponge-like fiberglass mat to absorb electrolytes, which prevents spillage and eliminates the need of refilling the battery. They do not deep cycle as well and are generally more expensive than the wet cells because of their sealed structure. For more questions on battery specifics, feel free to call us at 1-800-515-BIAF. We have battery experts on staff.


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