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Cordless Phone Battery with Tabs for Uniden EX1000 Sony FF300

  • Output Voltage :  
  • 3.6V
  • Amperage :  
  • 900mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiCD
  • Length :  
  • 1.98" (50.29mm)
  • Height :  
  • .57" (14.48mm)
  • Width :  
  • 1.67" (42.42mm)
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 2yrs
  • Model Number :  
  • CPB-400
  • UPC :  
  • 009322400307

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Cordless Phone Battery for Uniden, Sony, Westin, Windsor. 1x3AA Battery with Tabs

Battery Fits, Sony, Toshiba, Uniden and many more models
3.6V 900mAh
Nickel-Cadmium Battery
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer Model
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 1100
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 1700
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 200
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 250
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 300
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 400
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 740
AT&T / Lucent FREEDOM 750
AT&T / Lucent NOMAD 200
AT&T / Lucent NOMAD 250
Audiovox AT-11
Audiovox AT-12
Audiovox AT-12A
Audiovox AT-15
Audiovox AT-20
Audiovox AT16
Bell Phone 3201
Bell Phone CP330
Bell South 31001
Cobra CP-115
Cobra CP-115S
Cobra CP-120
Cobra CP-120S
Cobra CP-130
Cobra CP-130S
Cobra CP-140
Cobra CP-140S
Cobra CP-15
Cobra CP-15S
Cobra CP-200R
Cobra CP-200SA
Cobra CP-205R
Cobra CP-205S
Cobra CP-205SA
Cobra CP-210
Cobra CP-210RA
Cobra CP-210S
Cobra CP-210SA
Cobra CP-220
Cobra CP-220S
Cobra CP-330
Cobra CP-330S
Cobra CP-4403
Cobra CP-4405C
Cobra CP-477S
Cobra CP-99
Cobra CP-99S
Cobra CP140R
Cobra CP250C
Cobra CP4055S
Cobra CP98
Cobra RP 20S
Cobra RP 780S
Cobra RP740SC
Code-a-phone 7300
Conair CTP 3600
Conair TP3600
Emerson TR 11
GE (General Electric) 5-2244
GE (General Electric) 700
GE (General Electric) BT-17
Hiphon 3
Hiphon 4
Ikko KD10
Itt PC 1700
Itt PC 1800
Keyphone 6200DP
Keyphone 920
Keyphone KP6002
Keyphone KP6006
Keyphone KP9100DX
Kraco KP 6001
Kraco KP 6001-H
Kraco KP 6002
Kraco KP 6200
Kraco KP6005
Kraco KP6006
Lucent FREEDOM 1100
Lucent FREEDOM 1700
Lucent FREEDOM 200
Lucent FREEDOM 250
Lucent FREEDOM 300
Lucent FREEDOM 400
Lucent FREEDOM 740
Lucent FREEDOM 750
Lucent NOMAD 200
Lucent NOMAD 250
Mce 2
Mce 3
Mce 4
Mce 5
Mce 700-1
Mce 700-2
Mce 700-3
Mce 700-4
Mce 700-5
Mce 7010XSA
Mce 70125XSA
Mce 7218XTP
Mce 7230XTP
Midland 8-220
Midland 8-275
Midland 80-200A
Midland 80-201
Midland 80-204
Midland 80-205
Midland 80-207
Midland 80-207B
Midland 80-220
Midland 80-250
Midland 80-275
Midland 80200
Muraphone KXT3821
Muraphone MP100
Muraphone MP400
Muraphone MP401
Nomad 200
Nomad 250
Nomad FREEDOM 1100
Nomad FREEDOM 1700
Nomad FREEDOM 200
Nomad FREEDOM 250
Nomad FREEDOM 300
Nomad FREEDOM 400
Nomad FREEDOM 740
Nomad FREEDOM 750
Northwestern Bell 31001CLEARTECH
Northwestern Bell 5400CLEARTECH
Northwestern Bell 5520CLEARTECH
Northwestern Bell 5522S
Nuvox DM 820
Panasonic KX-T3821
Panasonic PQWRT3831RM
Quasar 2100
Radio Shack 23-170
Radio Shack 3N500AA
Radio Shack 43-264
Radio Shack 43-265
Radio Shack 43-268
Radio Shack 43-274
Radio Shack 43-738
Radio Shack 43266
Radio Shack 43266A
Radio Shack 43546
Radio Shack 9602105
Radio Shack ET 268
Radio Shack ET 310
Radio Shack ET 320
Radio Shack ET 350
Radio Shack TAD-268
Radio Shack TAD-681
Radio Shack TAD-682
Radio Shack TAD-685
Radio Shack TAD-686
RCA 52244
RCA 700
Sanyo 3N500AA
Sony8 FF1755
Sony8 FF2110
Sound Design 7800
Sound Design 7890
Sound Design 7970
Sound Design FF150
Sound Design FF1755
Sound Design FF200
Sound Design FF2110
Sound Design FF250
Sound Design FF300
Sound Design FF350
Sound Design FF400
Sound Design FF740
Sound Design FF750
Tele-phone TEL-1000
Tele-phone TEL-2000
Tele-phone TEL-3000
Tele-phone TEL-4000
Toshiba EX1000
Toshiba EX1100
Toshiba EX1150
Toshiba EX1500
Toshiba EX2000
Toshiba EX2101
Toshiba EX300
Toshiba EX3000
Toshiba EX3100
Toshiba EX3201
Toshiba EX3300
Toshiba EX3500
Toshiba EX3600
Toshiba EX3610
Toshiba EX4000
Toshiba EX4112
Toshiba EX4500
Toshiba EX5000
Toshiba EX6000
Toshiba EX7000
Toshiba EX7500
Toshiba EX7700
Toshiba EX900
Uniden B1000
Uniden B300
Uniden B900
Uniden BA-300A
Uniden BA300
Uniden EX-1100
Uniden EX-1150
Uniden EX-1500
Uniden EX-2000
Uniden EX-2101
Uniden EX-3000
Uniden EX-3201
Uniden EX-3300
Uniden EX-3500
Uniden EX-3600
Uniden EX-3610
Uniden EX1000
Uniden EX300
Uniden EX3100
Uniden EX4000
Uniden EX4112
Uniden EX4500
Uniden EX5000
Uniden EX6000
Uniden EX7000
Uniden EX7500
Uniden EX7700
Uniden EX900
Unisonic 6078
Walk - Talk CP800
Webcor WP516
Webcor WP542
Webcor WP555R
Webcor WP55R
Webcor WP575
Webcor WP576
Webcor WP584
Westin 727A
Windsor CIT210
Windsor CIT218

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