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Cordless Phone Battery with B Connector for Uniden EX255 EX2100

  • Output Voltage :  
  • 3.6V
  • Amperage :  
  • 900mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiCD
  • Length :  
  • 1.98" (50.29mm)
  • Height :  
  • .57" (14.48mm)
  • Width :  
  • 1.67" (42.42mm)
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 2yrs
  • Model Number :  
  • CPB-400B
  • UPC :  
  • 009322010018

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Cordless Phone Battery for Uniden, Sony, Panasonic. 1x3AA/B Connector

Battery Fits, Sony, Toshiba, Uniden and many more models
Replaces GP GP60AAK3BMS, GP60AAS3BMX, GP80AAS3BMX and Philips SJB1142 3.6V 900mAh
Connector Type: B
Nickel-Cadmium Battery
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer Model
AT&T / Lucent 24032
AT&T / Lucent A 36
Bell Phone 31001
Bell Phone 32001
Bell Phone 32011
Casio CP1218
Corba CP-310-CP310S
Corba CP1155
Corba CP2055A-CP2058A
Corba CP320-CP320S
Corba CP355-CP355S
Corba CP9105-CP9125
Corba CP9135
GE (General Electric) 10-0935
GE (General Electric) 5-9519
GE (General Electric) BT-15
GE (General Electric) GP
GE (General Electric) GP60AAK3BMS
GE (General Electric) GP80AAS3BMX
Memorex YBT3N800MAH
Nortwestern Bell 011
Nortwestern Bell 132
Nortwestern Bell 200
Nortwestern Bell 255
Nortwestern Bell 3
Nortwestern Bell 4200
Panasonic KC-TC917HSB
Panasonic KX-A36
Panasonic KX-FPC135/FPC141
Panasonic KX-FPC161/165/166
Panasonic KX-FPC91/FPC95/FPC96
Panasonic KX-T3285/T3380
Panasonic KX-T3815
Panasonic KX-T3821
Panasonic KX-T3825
Panasonic KX-T3831
Panasonic KX-T3842-T3845
Panasonic KX-T3880-T3880R
Panasonic KX-T3900
Panasonic KX-T800
Panasonic KX-T8000
Panasonic KX-TC1400/TC1401
Panasonic KX-TC1402/TC1403
Panasonic KX-TC1410
Panasonic KX-TC1430/TC1431
Panasonic KX-TC1447/TC1450
Panasonic KX-TC1451/TC1457
Panasonic KX-TC1460/1461/1468
Panasonic KX-TC1481/1484/1486
Panasonic KX-TC1493/1500/1501/1502
Panasonic KX-TC1503/TC1507
Panasonic KX-TC1520/TC1696
Panasonic KX-TC1700/TC1701
Panasonic KX-TC1703/TC1710
Panasonic KX-TC1711/TC1713
Panasonic KX-TC1720/TC1721KX-TC1722/TC1723
Panasonic KX-TC1731/TC1733
Panasonic KX-TC1740/TC1741
Panasonic KX-TC1743
Panasonic KX-TC1750/TC1800
Panasonic KX-TC1848/TC1850
Panasonic KX-TC1867
Panasonic KX-TC1870
Panasonic KX-TC901
Panasonic KX-TC904
Panasonic KX-TC907
Panasonic KX-TC911
Panasonic KX-TC917HSB
Panasonic KX-TC955RUB/TC956RUB
Panasonic KX-TC9568XB/TC9768XB
Panasonic KX-TC976RUB
Panasonic KX-TCA8
Panasonic KX-TCL100
Panasonic KX-TCM939
Panasonic KX-TCM941/943/944/947
Panasonic KX-YC1890
Panasonic KXTC933/TC934/TC935
Panasonic P-P501
Panasonic P-P504
Panasonic PQP504SVC
Panasonic PQP60AAF3G2
Panasonic PQWBTC1461M
Panasonic PQWRT3831RM
Panasonic PQXA36SVC
Panasonic TYPE 1
Panasonic TYPE11
Panasonic VA 7020
Radio Shack 23-19343-683/684/685
Radio Shack 43-1099
Radio Shack 43-1102/1103/1104
Radio Shack 43-1107/1108/1109/1110
Radio Shack 43-1111/1112/1114
Radio Shack 43-1112/1123/1124/1125
Radio Shack 43-1118
Radio Shack 43-3501
Radio Shack 43-3511/3512/3513/3514
Radio Shack 43-3515-3516
Radio Shack 43-3530/3531/3532
Radio Shack 43-3535-3536-3537
Radio Shack 43-3544-3545-3546
Radio Shack 43-3548-3549
Radio Shack 43-3556-3557-3558
Radio Shack 43-3576-3577-3578
Radio Shack 43-3595
Radio Shack 43-3701
Radio Shack 43-3812/3813/3814
Radio Shack 43-3817/3818
Radio Shack 43-3820/3821/3823/3827
Radio Shack 43-3856/3857
Radio Shack 43-5518/5519
Radio Shack 43-5520/5521/5522
Radio Shack 43-5820
Radio Shack 43-686/687/688
Radio Shack 43-725/726
Radio Shack 43-729
Radio Shack 43-732
Radio Shack 43-749
Radio Shack 43-766
Radio Shack 43-794-79743-1086/1087/1088
Radio Shack 43-8006
Radio Shack 43-8013
Radio Shack 43-8536/8545
Radio Shack 46-1090/1095/1096
Radio Shack 960-1291
Radio Shack ET-1102/1103/1104
Radio Shack ET-1107/1108/1109
Radio Shack ET-1111/1112/1114
Radio Shack ET-1118
Radio Shack ET-1122/1123/1124/1125
Radio Shack ET-3501
Radio Shack ET-3512-3513/3514/3516
Radio Shack ET-3530
Radio Shack ET-3815/3818
Radio Shack ET-599/681
Radio Shack ET-683/684/686/687/688
Radio Shack ET-920/925/926
Radio Shack ET-929
Radio Shack SP-5519/5521
Radio Shack TAD-1017/1130/1702/1703
Radio Shack TAD-3806/3807/3810
Radio Shack TAD-3812/3813/3814
Radio Shack TAD-3820
Radio Shack TAD-725/726
Radio Shack TAD-729/732/733/734/749
Radio Shack TAD-794/797
Sanyo 23621
Sanyo 3N-600AA(MTM)
Sanyo CL 410
Sharp 3600
Sharp CL-400/405/410
Sharp CL100W
Sharp CL200
Sharp CL300
Sharp FT-4400/5400/5410
Sony BP-T18
Sony SPP-933/934
Sony SPP-A1050/A1070/A1071
Sony SPP-A900
Sony SPP-A946
Sony SPP-D900
Sony SPP-ER1/ER101
Sony SPP-N1020/N1025
Sony SPP-SS950
Southwestern Bell FF-901
Southwestern Bell FF4500/5000/5500
Sylvania ST88201
Sylvania ST88207
Toshiba BT-311
Toshiba FT-4809-9839-9859
Toshiba FT-8001/8006/8009
Toshiba FT-8259/8507
Toshiba FT-8509/8801A
Toshiba FT-8809/8859/8901/8906
Toshiba FT-8939
Toshiba FT-8959/8980/8981/8989
Toshiba RC004931
Toshiba SG-1600/1700
Toshiba SG-1800
Toshiba SX-2000/2001
Toshiba SX-2800/2801
Toshiba SX-2980/2981
Toshiba TRB-8000
Uniden AE-255
Uniden BBTY-030001
Uniden BBTY0449001
Uniden BT-905
Uniden CP-355
Uniden DX13286-2
Uniden DX1386-2
Uniden DX14286-2
Uniden DX17286-2
Uniden DXA13288-2
Uniden DXA1388-2
Uniden DXA14288-2
Uniden DXA17288-2
Uniden DXA6505
Uniden EHD-1200
Uniden EWC1936
Uniden EX-1960
Uniden EX-1980
Uniden EX-2100
Uniden EX-255
Uniden EX-3101
Uniden EX-3102
Uniden EX-3800
Uniden EX-3810
Uniden EX-4100
Uniden EX-4101
Uniden EX-4102
Uniden EX-4800
Uniden EX-925
Uniden EX-945
Uniden EX-965
Uniden EX-A2950
Uniden EX-A7950
Uniden EX-A8955
Uniden EX-A915
Uniden EX-A918
Uniden EX-A950
Uniden EX-L8900
Uniden EX-L8901
Uniden EX-L8945
Uniden EX12246
Uniden EX12916
Uniden EX12960
Uniden EX12965
Uniden EX13226
Uniden EX13246
Uniden EX1376
Uniden EX1386
Uniden EX13965
Uniden EX14246
Uniden EX14246C
Uniden EX16960
Uniden EX17246
Uniden EX17246C
Uniden EX17926
Uniden EX17960
Uniden EX18600A
Uniden EX18965
Uniden EX18966
Uniden EX1916
Uniden EX1917
Uniden EX1975
Uniden EX1976
Uniden EX905
Uniden EXA12248
Uniden EXA12248i
Uniden EXA12980
Uniden EXA1324878
Uniden EXA13248i
Uniden EXA1378
Uniden EXA1398
Uniden EXA13985
Uniden EXA13985/4248/4248-2
Uniden EXA16980
Uniden EXA17248
Uniden EXA17248i
Uniden EXA17980
Uniden EXA18985
Uniden EXA18985HS
Uniden EXA1918
Uniden EXA1918i
Uniden EXA1978
Uniden EXA1978i
Uniden EXA1980
Uniden EXA1985HS
Uniden EXA2245
Uniden EXA2850
Uniden EXA2955
Uniden EXA3245
Uniden EXA3955
Uniden EXA6950
Uniden EXA7250
Uniden EXL18962
Uniden EXLA-8950
Uniden EXP-2240
Uniden EXP-2800
Uniden EXP-2900
Uniden EXP-2901
Uniden EXP-2903
Uniden EXP-6900
Uniden EXP-7900
Uniden EXP-7901
Uniden EXP-7902
Uniden EXP-7903
Uniden EXP-7904
Uniden EXP-91
Uniden EXP-92
Uniden EXP-920
Uniden EXP2241
Uniden EXP2243
Uniden EXP2905EXP3240
Uniden EXP3241
Uniden EXP4240
Uniden EXP4241
Uniden EXP7240
Uniden EXP7241
Uniden EXP8000A
Uniden EXP93
Uniden EXP97
Uniden EXS2010
Uniden EXS2050
Uniden EXS2060
Uniden EXS2080
Uniden EXS9005
Uniden EXT1160
Uniden EXT1165
Uniden EXT1265
Uniden EXT1760
Uniden EXT1865
Uniden EXT3165
Uniden EXV990
Uniden EZ1996
Uniden TRU241
Uniden TRU246
Uniden TRU248
Uniden TRU341
Uniden TRU346
Uniden TRU348
Uniden XE-895
Uniden XE-965
Uniden XE-985
Uniden XE8950

This battery was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 February, 2011. - #7368

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