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Cordless Phone Battery For Sony BT-9000 BP-T40 SPP-95 Uniden

  • Output Voltage :  
  • 3.6V
  • Amperage :  
  • 650mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiMH
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 1yr
  • Model Number :  
  • CPH-429

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Cordless Phone Battery For Sony BT-9000 Replaces BP-T40

Battery Fits Sony and Uniden
3.6V 650mAh
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Don't forget to BUY 2 or MORE batteries for EACH handset!
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Manufacturer Model
AT&T / Lucent 24218X
AT&T / Lucent 4291
Bell South TL6151
GE (General Electric) BT-29
Inter-tel BT9000
Inter-tel EXP9600
Lenmar CB0440
Lucent 24218X
Lucent 4291
Mitel SUPERSET 4090
Nomad 24218X
Nomad 4291
Radio Shack 1208003
Radio Shack 23198
Radio Shack 438005
Radio Shack 438007
Radio Shack 438008
Radio Shack CS90006
Radio Shack GESPCL01
Radio Shack SCT100
Sanyo GES-PCL01
Sharp SPPQ100
Sharp SPPQ105
Sharp SPPQ200
Sharp SPPQ210
Sharp SPPQ300
Sharp SPPQ400
Sharp SPPQ405
Sharp SPPS20
Sharp SPPX30
Sharp SPPX50
Sharp SPPX90
Sony 1-528-275-11
Sony BP-T40
Sony BT9000
Sony PHP9000AT
Sony PHP9000XT
Sony S60510
Sony SCT100
Sony SPP-1000
Sony SPP-1010
Sony SPP-115
Sony SPP-116
Sony SPP-120
Sony SPP-121
Sony SPP-15
Sony SPP-160
Sony SPP-170
Sony SPP-180
Sony SPP-190
Sony SPP-2000
Sony SPP-2010
Sony SPP-2100
Sony SPP-320
Sony SPP-70
Sony SPP-75
Sony SPP-77
Sony SPP-85
Sony SPP-88
Sony SPP-882
Sony SPP-95
Sony SPP-97
Sony SPP-A1000
Sony SPP-A115
Sony SPP-A120
Sony SPP-A160
Sony SPP-A170
Sony SPP-A180
Sony SPP-A190
Sony SPP-A2000
Sony SPP-A2010
Sony SPP-A2100
Sony SPP-A320
Sony SPP-A5000
Sony SPP-A97
Sony SPP-AQ400
Sony SPP-FX77
Sony SPP-FX88
Sony SPP-FX882
Sony SPP-ID200
Sony SPP-ID2000
Sony SPP-J32
Sony SPP-L33
Sony SPP-L333
Sony SPP-L33H
Sony SPP-LX55
Sony SPP-LX550
Sony SPP-LX60
Sony SPP-LX70
Sony SPP-LX75
Sony SPP-LX77
Sony SPP-M100
Sony SPP-Q100
Sony SPP-Q105
Sony SPP-Q200
Sony SPP-Q210
Sony SPP-Q300
Sony SPP-Q400
Sony SPP-Q405
Sony SPP-S20
Sony SPP-X30
Sony SPP-X50
Sony SPP-X90
Sony SPP-X9001
Sony SPP200C
Sony SPP560F
Sony SPP860F
Southwestern Bell BT9000
Southwestern Bell S60510
Toshiba DKT2104CT
Toshiba EX95
Uniden ANA9610
Uniden ANA9620
Uniden BBTY0251001
Uniden BT-9000
Uniden EX-95
Uniden EX905
Uniden EXP-95
Uniden EXP-96
Uniden EXP900
Uniden EXP905
Uniden EXP93
Uniden EXP95I
Uniden EXP9600
Uniden EXP97
Uniden PHP9000AT
Uniden PHP9000XT

This battery was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2009. - #4888

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