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Cordless Phone Battery For BellSouth 23510 Cobra CP-470 GE BT-10

  • Brand :  
  • Lenmar
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 3.6V
  • Amperage :  
  • 350mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiCD
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 1yr
  • Model Number :  
  • CBB392
  • UPC :  
  • 029521555745

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Battery Fits Cobra, GE, and Sanyo
3.6V 350mAh
Nickel-Cadmium Battery
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer Model
Aastra Telecom BE-25CHT
Aastra Telecom JB-800PL
Aastra Telecom JB-960
Again & Again STB-126
AT&T / Lucent 24028
AT&T / Lucent 24028X
AT&T / Lucent 4050
Bell South 23510
Bell South 32505
Bell South 32510
Bell South 32527
Bell South TL6153
Bell South YCL-7701
Bell South YCL-7702
Bell South YCL-7703
Casio PMG-3345
Cobra 213-011-9-001
Cobra 213-013-9-001
Cobra 3N270AA
Cobra AN 8525
Cobra AN-8526
Cobra AN-8630
Cobra AN-8630-25
Cobra AN8591
Cobra CP-2500
Cobra CP-2505
Cobra CP-2506
Cobra CP-2510
Cobra CP-2525
Cobra CP-2530
Cobra CP-2570
Cobra CP-43B
Cobra CP-464
Cobra CP-464S
Cobra CP-468
Cobra CP-469S
Cobra CP-470
Cobra CP-470S
Cobra CP-471
Cobra CP-471S
Cobra CP-472
Cobra CP-472S
Cobra CP-473
Cobra CP-473S
Cobra CP-474
Cobra CP-474S
Cobra CP-475
Cobra CP-475S
Cobra CP-483
Cobra CP-484
Cobra CP-484S
Cobra CP-485
Cobra CP-486
Cobra CP-488
Cobra CP-489
Cobra CP-489S
Cobra CP-490
Cobra CP-490-10
Cobra CP-492
Cobra CP-701
Cobra CP-702
Cobra CP-703
Cobra CP-705
Cobra CP-706
Cobra CP-711
Cobra CP-712
Cobra CP-714
Cobra CP-720
Cobra CP2501
Cobra CP2507
Cobra CP469
Cobra CP478S
Cobra CP480
Cobra CP481
Cobra CP482S
Cobra CP483S
Cobra CP485S
Cobra CP705S
Code-a-phone 3150
Code-a-phone 3260
Code-a-phone 7010
Code-a-phone 7015
Code-a-phone 7050
Code-a-phone 7110
Code-a-phone 7210
Code-a-phone CTP-4000
Conair CTP 4000
Conair CTP 700
Conair CTP 8325
Conair CTP-400Q
Conair CTP-700A
Dantona 3-1/2AA-W
Direct Power Plus USOM
Dynacharge NC-T2/3AW
Emerson TEC-2000
Emerson TEC-3000
Empire CPB-403C
Energizer P3301
GE (General Electric) 1764154
GE (General Electric) 2-101
GE (General Electric) 2-103
GE (General Electric) 2-184
GE (General Electric) 2-189
GE (General Electric) 2-9414
GE (General Electric) 2-9510
GE (General Electric) 2-9512
GE (General Electric) 2-9514
GE (General Electric) 2-9515
GE (General Electric) 2-9519A
GE (General Electric) 2-9519D
GE (General Electric) 2-9522A
GE (General Electric) 2-9522D
GE (General Electric) 2-9525C
GE (General Electric) 2-9582
GE (General Electric) 2-9625
GE (General Electric) 2-9625A
GE (General Electric) 2-9626
GE (General Electric) 2-9630
GE (General Electric) 2-9630A
GE (General Electric) 2-9631
GE (General Electric) 2-9631A
GE (General Electric) 2-9632
GE (General Electric) 2-9665
GE (General Electric) 2-9675
GE (General Electric) 2-9821
GE (General Electric) 5-2126
GE (General Electric) 5-2132
GE (General Electric) 5-2189A
GE (General Electric) 5-2298D
GE (General Electric) 5-2298E
GE (General Electric) 5-2298F
GE (General Electric) 5-2301
GE (General Electric) 5-2304
GE (General Electric) 5-2308
GE (General Electric) 5-2309
GE (General Electric) 5-2310
GE (General Electric) 5-2311
GE (General Electric) 5-2313
GE (General Electric) 5-3304
GE (General Electric) BT-10
Ge/sanyo GES-PCH01
Ge/sanyo PCH01
Gemini TA242
GP 21000
GP 31500
GP 3260
GP GTE 3150
Gte 3150
Gte 31500
IBM BAT-1700-B
IBM IBM-3345
Itt 5130
Jasco TL96153
Laphone LP 400
Lenmar CBB392
LG B-1632
Maestro 6300CW
Maxell MCP3627
Nortel 3N-270AA
Nortel Maestro 4625
Northwestern Bell 3210
Northwestern Bell 32505
Northwestern Bell 32509-1
Northwestern Bell 32525
Northwestern Bell 36285
Northwestern Bell 38200
Northwestern Bell 39203-4
Northwestern Bell 39205-1
Northwestern Bell 39205-4
Northwestern Bell 392304
Northwestern Bell 39300-2
Northwestern Bell 39605-4
Northwestern Bell 39705-4
Northwestern Bell 39765-4
Panasonic P-P302
Panasonic Type 3
Plantronics CT460
Radio Shack 23-196
Radio Shack 23-396
Radio Shack 23-996
Radio Shack 43-1002
Radio Shack 43-1003
Radio Shack 43-1015
Radio Shack 43-1017
Radio Shack 43-1037
Radio Shack 43-1038
Radio Shack 43-3599
Radio Shack 43-5501
Radio Shack 960-1297
Radio Shack 960-1508
Radio Shack 960-2082
Radio Shack CS-0253
Radio Shack CS-90174
Radio Shack ET-497
Radio Shack ET-498
Radio Shack ET-508
Radio Shack ET-537
Radio Shack ET-538
Radio Shack ET-797
Radioshack 23-196
Radioshack 43-1002
Rayovac CO100P1
Recoton T114
Sanik 3SN-2/3AA60H-S-J1
Sanyo 16743
Sanyo 23616
Sanyo 3N-270AA(mrx)
Sanyo CAS-100
Sanyo CAS-1200
Sanyo CAS-125
Sanyo CAS-130
Sanyo CAS-150
Sanyo CAS-1500
Sanyo CAS-160
Sanyo CAS-170
Sanyo CAS-300
Sanyo CAS-837
Sanyo CAS-8371
Sanyo CAS-867
Sanyo CAS-887
Sanyo CAS-8871
Sanyo CAS1300
Sanyo CAS13600
Sanyo CAS1700
Sanyo CL-156
Sanyo CLT 156
Sanyo CLT 176
Sanyo CLT 177
Sanyo CLT 300
Sanyo CLT 3200
Sanyo CLT 3300
Sanyo CLT 3600
Sanyo CLT 4300
Sanyo CLT 4600
Sanyo CLT 5400
Sanyo CLT 555
Sanyo CLT 556
Sanyo CLT 5600
Sanyo CLT 575
Sanyo CLT 576
Sanyo CLT 577
Sanyo CLT 6100
Sanyo CLT 6300
Sanyo CLT 656
Sanyo CLT 657
Sanyo CLT 667
Sanyo CLT 670
Sanyo CLT 677
Sanyo CLT 760
Sanyo CLT 8601
Sanyo CLT 870
Sanyo CLT 877
Sanyo CLT 880
Sanyo CLT 8800
Sanyo CLT 8801
Sanyo CLT-1300
Sanyo CLT-1561
Sanyo CLT-1581
Sanyo CLT-1761
Sanyo CLT-1861
Sanyo CLT-1881
Sanyo CLT-2761
Sanyo CLT-30
Sanyo CLT-3100
Sanyo CLT-4360
Sanyo CLT-4450
Sanyo CLT-4650
Sanyo CLT-520
Sanyo CLT-5561
Sanyo CLT-5761
Sanyo CLT-580
Sanyo CLT-5861
Sanyo CLT-6450
Sanyo CLT-6571
Sanyo CLT-6750
Sanyo CLT-7100
Sanyo CLT-8205
Sanyo CLT-8371
Sanyo CLT-8500
Sanyo CLT-8600
Sanyo CLT-8809
Sanyo CLT-8871
Sanyo CLT-9200
Sanyo CLT-9400
Sanyo CLT-9500
Sanyo CLT-986
Sanyo CLT25
Sanyo CLT33
Sanyo CLT33001
Sanyo CLT3301A
Sanyo CLT36001
Sanyo CLT5581
Sanyo CLT55KM
Sanyo CLT560
Sanyo CLT5881
Sanyo CLT630
Sanyo CLT6700
Sanyo CLT7500
Sanyo CLT75M
Sanyo CLT8201
Sanyo CLYT-33
Sanyo GES-PCH-01
Sanyo PCS01
Sony BP-T26
Southwestern Bell 560503
Southwestern Bell FF900
Southwestern Bell S60503
SWB 560503
Toshiba FT-6005
Tropez 1064
Tropez 1064XL
Unisonic 7800
Vodavi 9017-00
Vodavi B-1632

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