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Cordless Phone Battery For AT&T 3101 GE Motorola Uniden V-Tech

  • Output Voltage :  
  • 2.4V
  • Amperage :  
  • 700mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • NiMH
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 2yr
  • Model Number :  
  • CPH-515D
  • UPC :  
  • 009322005649

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Cordless Phone Battery For AT&T 3101 GE Motorola

Battery Fits AT&T 3101
2.4V 700mAh
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Don't forget to BUY 2 or MORE batteries for EACH handset!
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Manufacturer Model
(ge) 20679
(ge) 25210
(ge) 25250
(ge) 27902
(ge) 27909
(ge) 27911
(ge) 27950
(ge) 27951
(ge) 27955
(ge) 28223EE2
(ge) 28502AE1
(ge) 28512AE1
(ge) 28512AE2
(ge) 28522AE1
(ge) 28522AE2
(ge) 28522AE3
(ge) 28522AE4
(ge) 28811FE2
(ge) 36407
(ge) 52734
(ge) H5250
(ge) H5401
AT&T / Lucent 3101
AT&T / Lucent 3111
AT&T / Lucent BT8001
AT&T / Lucent BT8300
AT&T / Lucent CL81109
AT&T / Lucent CL81209
AT&T / Lucent CL81219
AT&T / Lucent CL81309
AT&T / Lucent CL82100
AT&T / Lucent CL82109
AT&T / Lucent CL82200
AT&T / Lucent CL82209
AT&T / Lucent CL82250
AT&T / Lucent CL82300
AT&T / Lucent CL82309
AT&T / Lucent CL82350
AT&T / Lucent CL82400
AT&T / Lucent CL82409
AT&T / Lucent CL82500
AT&T / Lucent CL82509
AT&T / Lucent CL82550
AT&T / Lucent CL82609
AT&T / Lucent CL82859
AT&T / Lucent CL84100
AT&T / Lucent CL84109
AT&T / Lucent CL84200
AT&T / Lucent CL84209
AT&T / Lucent EL52209
AT&T / Lucent EL52259
AT&T / Lucent EL52309
AT&T / Lucent EL52409
AT&T / Lucent EL52419
AT&T / Lucent EL52459
AT&T / Lucent SB67040
AT&T / Lucent SB67108
AT&T / Lucent SB67138
Clarity 50613.002
Clarity BT284342
Clarity D603
Clarity D613
Clarity D613HS
Clarity D704HS
Motorola B8
Motorola B801
Motorola B802
Motorola B803
Motorola B804
Motorola K3
Motorola K301
Motorola K302
Motorola K303
Motorola K304
Motorola K305
Motorola L301
Motorola L302
Motorola L303
Motorola L304
Motorola L305
Motorola L4
Motorola L401
Motorola L402
Motorola L402C
Motorola L403
Motorola L403C
Motorola L404
Motorola L404C
Motorola L502BT
Motorola L511BT
Motorola L512BT
Motorola L513BT
Motorola L514BT
Motorola L515BT
Motorola L701
Motorola L701M
Motorola L702
Motorola L702M
Motorola L703
Motorola L703M
Motorola L704
Motorola L704M
Motorola L705
Motorola L705M
Motorola L902
Motorola L903
Motorola L904
Motorola L905
Motorola P8
Motorola S801
Motorola S802
Motorola S803
Motorola S804
Motorola S805
Motorola T31
Motorola T3101
Motorola T3151
Panasonic KXTG4311N
Philips SJB2121
Radio Shack 23-546
Radio Shack 23-930
RCA 25210
RCA 25250
RCA 25255
RCA 25423
RCA 25424
RCA 25425
RCA 27902
RCA 27909
RCA 27911
RCA 52734
RCA H5401
RCA May-34
Sanik 2SNAAA70HSJ1
Sony 6030
Sony 6031
Sony 6032
Sony 6041
Sony 6042
Sony 6043
Sony 6051
Sony 6052
Sony 6053
Sony 8300
Uniden BBTG0743001
Uniden BBTG0893001
Uniden BT-1031
Uniden BT1018
Uniden BT1022
Uniden D2280
Uniden D2300
Uniden D2380
Uniden D2380-10
Uniden D2380-11
Uniden D2380-12
Uniden D2380-2
Uniden D2380-3
Uniden D2380-3H
Uniden D2380-4
Uniden D2380-5
Uniden D2380-6
Uniden D2380-7
Uniden D2380-8
Uniden D2380-9
Uniden D3280
Uniden D3288
Uniden D3580
Uniden D3580-10
Uniden D3580-11
Uniden D3580-12
Uniden D3580-2
Uniden D3580-3
Uniden D3580-4
Uniden D3580-5
Uniden D3580-6
Uniden D3580-7
Uniden D3580-8
Uniden D3580-9
Uniden D3588
Uniden D3588-10
Uniden D3588-11
Uniden D3588-12
Uniden D3588-2
Uniden D3588-3
Uniden D3588-4
Uniden D3588-5
Uniden D3588-6
Uniden D3588-7
Uniden D3588-8
Uniden D3588-9
Uniden DCX220
Uniden DCX230
Uniden DCX320
Uniden DCX330
Uniden DCX350
Uniden DCX400
Uniden DECT3181
Uniden DECT3181-10
Uniden DECT3181-11
Uniden DECT3181-12
Uniden DECT3181-2
Uniden DECT3181-3
Uniden DECT3181-4
Uniden DECT3181-5
Uniden DECT3181-6
Uniden DECT3181-7
Uniden DECT3181-8
Uniden DECT3181-9
Uniden DECT3380
Uniden DECT3380-3R
Uniden DECT4086
Uniden DECT4096
Uniden DRX332
Uniden DWX337
Uniden WXI3077
Uniden WXI3077-WX
Vtech 80-1326-00-00
Vtech 80-1330-01-00
Vtech 89-1326-00-00
Vtech 89-1330-01-00
Vtech BT18433
Vtech BT283342
Vtech BT28433
Vtech DS6101
Vtech DS6301
Vtech DS6311
Vtech DS6321
Vtech DS6322
Vtech IP8300
Vtech LS6204
Vtech LS6245

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