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Hitachi is a widely diverse group of companies that do research in many different fields. Their relationships with one another ensure that great, new developments in technology are in all of their product lines. For example, an ultra-high speed motor designed for use in the medical field as a centrifuge is now being used in their line of power tools. This sharing of technology brings better quality to customers faster. For a company that provides such great services, you need another company that can offer great replacement batteries a flash! Here at, we have a wide selection of Hitachi power tool batteries, all the way from 7.2V-24V.

How Do I Choose a Battery?
Please check your manual before purchasing a replacement battery for your power tool. Different chemistries, voltages, and capacity can be overwhelming. Multiple batteries may say they are compatible with the same model, while having entirely different specifications. Voltage is model specific. If the DS14DFL specifies the battery should be 14V, that is set in stone. However, if your manual or manufacturer permits, you can get away with changing the capacity or chemistry of the battery you select. It could even be beneficial. Here's how:

Ni-CD batteries last the shortest amount of time and need to be recharged often (but you get more charge cycles). Ni-MH batteries may cost more, however have no memory effect, they last longer due to a higher capacity, hold a longer charge, and they contain no toxic chemicals that are harmful. However, you won't get as many cycles for some Ni-MH batteries. Li-Ion has a very high energy/mass, meaning it is a light weight battery that will store a lot of energy with no memory effect. In general, the higher the capacity (mAh), the longer the battery will last. Installing batteries with a different capacity will not affect the operation of a device as long as the voltage matches.

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