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Battery For Panasonic Samsung RCA Replaces AGBP20 PV-BP50

  • Brand :  
  • Lenmar
  • Output Voltage :  
  • 12V
  • Amperage :  
  • 2000mAh
  • Chemistry :  
  • AGM
  • Warranty Life :  
  • 3yr
  • Model Number :  
  • PBA50
  • UPC :  
  • 029521900347

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Camcorder Battery Replaces Panasonic AGBP20 and PV-BP50
12V 2000mAh (2hr.)
Sealed Lead Acid Battery
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Manufactured by Lenmar

Manufacturer Model
Aztec AZ2050
Chinon CV-BP89
Chinon CV-T63
Chinon CV-T84
Chinon VSBS0016
Curtis Mathes DV-700
Curtis Mathes DV-800
Curtis Mathes FV-500
Curtis Mathes FV-700
Curtis Mathes FV-800
Curtis Mathes FVC-700
Curtis Mathes FVC-800
Curtis Mathes GV-700
Curtis Mathes GV-800
Curtis Mathes VSBS0016
Empire EPP-130
Empire EPP-130C
Energizer CV-3112
Energizer CV-3113
GE 1CVA156
GE CG-650
GE CG-670
GE CG-680
GE CG-684
GE CG-686
GE CG-700
GE CG-705
GE CG-895
GE CG-9906
GE CG-9907
GE CG-9908
GE CG-9909
GE CG-9910
GE CG-9911
GE (General Electric) 1CVA156
GE (General Electric) CG-650
GE (General Electric) CG-684
Jbro TP-2012D
Jc Penney 686-6015
Jc Penney 686-6023
Jc Penney 686-6062
Jc Penney 686-6232
Jc Penney 855-3026
Jc Penney 855-8462
Jc Penney 855-8520
Jc Penney 855-8611
Jc Penney 890-1886
Jc Penney 890-1902
Jc Penney 890-2454
Lenmar PBA50
Magnavox CK-300
Magnavox CVK-300
Magnavox CVK-310
Magnavox CVK-312
Magnavox CVK-315
Magnavox CVK-320
Magnavox CVK-321
Magnavox CVK-322
Magnavox CVL-300
Magnavox CVL-301
Magnavox CVL-310
Magnavox CVL-318
Magnavox CVL-319
Magnavox CVL-320
Magnavox CVL-325
Magnavox CVL-715
Magnavox CVL-718
Magnavox CVM-310
Magnavox CVM-315
Magnavox CVM-320
Magnavox CVN-310AV
Magnavox CVN-320AV
Magnavox CVR-325
Magnavox CVR-330
Magnavox CVR-335
Magnavox V80096BK01
Magnavox VR-8382
Magnavox VSBS0016
Maxell M1250
Memorex SM4200
Memorex SM4300
Memorex SM4400
Olympus VFBP8
Olympus VFBP8U
Olympus VX-407
Optex NP41
Panasonic AFX6
Panasonic AG-185U
Panasonic AG-188
Panasonic AG-196
Panasonic AG-455
Panasonic AG-456
Panasonic AG-459
Panasonic AG-461
Panasonic AGBP20
Panasonic AGBP20P
Panasonic LC-S2012DVBNC
Panasonic LC-SD122BU
Panasonic M-3000
Panasonic NV-M40
Panasonic NV-M400
Panasonic NV-M50
Panasonic NV-MS4
Panasonic NV-MS5
Panasonic PK-700
Panasonic PV-1020
Panasonic PV-1200
Panasonic PV-120D
Panasonic PV-500
Panasonic PV-501
Panasonic PV-502
Panasonic PV-503
Panasonic PV-505
Panasonic PV-510
Panasonic PV-602
Panasonic PV-604
Panasonic PV-6055
Panasonic PV-606
Panasonic PV-610
Panasonic PV-615S
Panasonic PV-700
Panasonic PV-704
Panasonic PV-705S
Panasonic PV-710
Panasonic PV-715S
Panasonic PV-720
Panasonic PV-750
Panasonic PV-760
Panasonic PV-760A
Panasonic PV-760B
Panasonic PV-770
Panasonic PV-800
Panasonic PV-810
Panasonic PV-900
Panasonic PV-910
Panasonic PV-918
Panasonic PV-940
Panasonic PV-950
Panasonic PV-960
Panasonic PV-BP50
Panasonic PV-BP50-A
Panasonic PV-BP50-B
Panasonic PV-S70
Panasonic PV-S770
Panasonic VSB-0164
Panasonic VSBS0016
Panasonic VW-VBF2E
Philco VKR-110
Philips CPK-816
Philips CPK-832
Philips CPK-855
Philips CPL-820
Philips CPL-827
Philips CPL-915
Philips V80096BK01
Photoco AZ2050
Polaroid PR-1250LA
Quasar VE-258
Quasar VM-32AC
Quasar VM-33AC
Quasar VM-700
Quasar VM-705
Quasar VM-706
Quasar VM-710
Quasar VM-711
Quasar VM-712
Quasar VM-713
Quasar VM-714
Quasar VM-715
Quasar VM-716
Quasar VM-717
Quasar VM-718
Quasar VM-719
Quasar VM-735
Quasar VM-737
Quasar VM-749
Quasar VSBS0016
Radio Shack 23-287
Rayovac RV1950
RCA CG-686
Saft RC-1250
Sakar CB-89
Samsung SC-F703
Samsung SC-F704
Samsung SC-F754
Samsung SC-F755
Samsung SC-F756
Samsung SC-F765
Samsung SC-X704
Samsung SCF-30
Samsung SCF-32
Samsung SCF-34
Samsung SCF-35
Samsung SV-LB6
Satter (tundra) 06PN212
Satter (tundra) 06PN258
Sears 53661
Sears 53662
Sears 53671
Sears 53672
Sears 53684
Sears 53685
Sears 53991
Sylvania V80096BK01
Sylvania VKC-210 / AV
Sylvania VKC-221 / AV
Sylvania VLC-218
Sylvania VLC-225
Sylvania VLC-260
Sylvania VMC-226
Sylvania VRC-210
Sylvania VRC-221
Techcell PR1250
Telepower TP-2012D

This battery was added to our catalog on Sunday 28 November, 2004. - #480

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