The Colony build a Battery Bank for Power

Check out this show on The Discovery Channel called The Colony. It’s about what it would be like to recolonize the world after a apocalyptic event occurred and left the world abandoned. Watch as they discover how to use batteries to capture power. This is a simple configuration that takes all the energy from the battery bank and pass it into the inverter to convert it to a usable 120V for standard lights and appliances.

The funny thing is that something so simple, generally abundant and accessible becomes a dire need and can soon cause panic when without it. As individuals, we take for granite what we have and forget that it all could be gone one day when we don’t respect our environments. The colonist soon learn to take there resources serious and use them sparingly.

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3 thoughts on “The Colony build a Battery Bank for Power”

  • You take electricity for granite or marble?

    • Nice play on words!! I take don't take either. I believe that both our earth and earth resourses should be conserved and protected to preserve our lives as well

  • I tried to send email re rechargeable type N batteries (NiMH or NiCd)/ There was NO send button.

    Please email me at re cost ande shipping to Canada (post code K0J 1P0). USPS shipping would be great!

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