• Get 18650 Batteries From Laptop Batteries

    18650 batteries are a necessity for any do-it-yourself'er. If you going to build a project that needs batteries then more than likely your going to use 18650 batteries.  The problem is that they can be expensive if you're buying them retail or even on the internet at an ecommerce store. Check out the video to see how many you can get.

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  • Battery Pack Rebuild - A DIY Beginners Guide

    You probably here because you have a battery that you want to rebuild. The process is generally easy if you have any mechanical inclination. A basic understanding of battery polarity and the ability to solder is all you really need to do a battery pack rebuild. Watch the video and see if you have what it takes to rebuild a battery pack.

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  • Do It Yourself APC RBC7 Battery Backup Rebuild

    In today's world you would be hard pressed to find a computer system, audio system or any other electronics without a battery backup. They are essential to protecting valuable electronics and even more valuable information they hold. Without one, in a moments notice all of your computer's storage could become corrupted from a power surge, frying all your pictures, movie, music and or work. Yet this whole scenario could be avoided be simply owning and maintaining a battery backup.

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