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  • Chatting with the Professionals, Zappos

    The internet grows and evolves faster that anything in this world today. It gets smarter and bigger faster than we can calculate, I speculate. Knowing this I must seek out the best of the best and challenge them for knowledge so that I may merely keep my head above water grasping at what little air I can. I decided that to do this I would begin to try to get a hold of anyone that has notably made a mark on the folds of history with a significant contribution, idea or theory and Interview them via Live Chat, Twitter, Messenger or whatever acceptable social media they desire.
  • Where have all the Books gone?

    I am not opposed to change or technology as long as it is for the better. I had the pleasure of speaking with Monique Tilford, co-author of Your Money or Your Life. We spoke about another project that she is working on but it was a great to find her book on Amazon in an Kindle Edition. Which was a great reminder that because the shift to ebooks has begun that doesn't mean that the quality of books has diminished.
  • PowerPort Hub takes Charge of USB and Devices

    Lenmar is in the process of releasing a Universal Charging Station or PowerPort (PPUHUB6). It will be revealed to distributors and guests of the Las Vegas 2009 CES Show which is slated to win a CES 2009 Innovation Award, but does it deserve it?
  • Is Your House Telling You Something?

    Is Your House Telling You Something?

    Go Green, Save Green

    With rising fuel prices, the cost of energy skyrocketing, and our current economic crisis, more and more people are turning to alternative sources of affordable energy. Solar energy is quickly becoming the country’s most prevalent source of power, not only for its efficiency, but also because it is eco-friendly. Through the use of solar panels, the sun’s energy can be harnessed to provide power for a variety of applications – everything from powering your television while camping to powering an entire home.

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  • Aftermarket vs. OEM Batteries

    Aftermarket batteries are becoming a more prevalent choice against OEM batteries. What are the differences and advantages and how you can get the most of your battery life.

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