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  • The Life Of Battery Man: Based On A True Story

    This is the debut of Battery Man, Batteries In A Flash’s comic creation.  Follow him on his journey to fight crime and save the world, or to just take a peek at his everyday life. Issue 1 - The Life Of Battery Man
  • 3 Cheap Uses of Solar Power

    Not ready for an expensive and timing consuming solar project? Here are 3 ways you can get started on a budget.
  • Top 3 Things You Should Do When Going Solar

    #1 Get Professional Help

    This will help you in many ways, first solar professionals will help you optimize your panel position relative to the sun so you maximize the energy your panels produce. Furthermore, you will avoid any pitfalls and likely complications that you will inevitably run into as an amateur installer. In addition, having a professional deal with the the then necessary permits and paperwork will pay for itself, professionals can even aid in getting financing and walk you through all the rebates and incentives and make sure your solar project qualifies. Continue reading

  • What Exactly is an AGM Battery?

    Solar panels are a large investment. In order to have a properly working and efficient system, the system needs to have a good battery bank. A good battery bank will keep the system regulated, a constant power supply to the house, and be low maintenance. The initial investment for absorbent glass material (AGM) batteries is well worth the long term required maintenance costs. AGM batteries are a specific type of valve regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA)
  • I Pad, U Pad - We all scream for Blackpad?

    The race for technology in the palm of our hands is akin to the arms race amongst nations. Research in Motion, Blackberry's parent company has reportedly taken an entrance in the race. The iPad set a bar that several companies are vying to match and overcome. Blackberry is slated to release their competition in November, no doubt to raise sales in the Christmas season. This has been cited from Bloomberg, which has two anonymous sources reporting the company's plans.

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