Laptops With the Longest Battery Life

Laptop batteries are essential laptop components that provide people with a source of power for professional or academic projects. Shopping for a portable computer requires individuals to evaluate their power needs before making a purchase, and choosing a computer that is known for a long battery life is ideal.

The battery life of the laptops listed below are based on regular usage with an Internet browser open and actively being used. This means that the computers can stay powered through tasks like projects, research and presentations. Professionals or students who are out of the home and need access to a computer all day can benefit from choosing one of these computers.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230

The unique benefit of this computer is that it has an optional additional battery that can extend its battery life significantly. The included battery lasts up to seven hours. While this is a great capacity on its own, the optional battery that can be purchased extends this life to a surprising 12 hours.

Samsung Go

This computer is lightweight and kid-friendly. The bright colors and portability make it ideal for kids in school or families that are constantly out and about. An added bonus to this stylish computer is the battery power that reaches up to nine hours.


The battery for this computer  can last well over 10 hours while the computer is in use. Individuals should be aware that the battery adds a significant amount of bulk to the total weight of the laptop. This is a computer that is best suited for use around the home. Lugging the computer from one floor of a home to another may be easy, but it is not as simple to take the computer on the road.

Toshiba Portege R935-P332

People who need to use their computer in any scenario should opt for this computer. The rugged exterior keeps it safe from the bumps that may occur when the laptop is being used out of the home. The lightweight design makes it easy to take it anywhere. Battery capacity tops eight hours, and the price of this computer makes it affordable for the average consumer.

Making sure that a laptop runs as smoothly as possible starts with a reliable battery. While the laptops listed above are known for their long battery life, purchasing replacement batteries before power capacity becomes an issue is recommended.

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