Hyundai Announces Petroleum/Lithium Hybrid

Hyundai, the world’s fifth largest manufacturer (when sales from Kia are included) recently confirmed they will release their first Hybrid car that runs on petroleum gas and lithium batteries.

The new hybrid, which will be based on the Elantra sedan (as shown above) will be powered by fuel-injection LPG Gamma engine displacing 1.6L of carbon per km.

The first car in the world to use lithium polymer rechargeable batteries will be released to the market around July 2009 to first South Korea and then to global markets.

4 thoughts on “Hyundai Announces Petroleum/Lithium Hybrid”

  • Interesting thoughts. If you don't mind share some of your resources that give us some more information that will help us delve more in depth on the history of what your talking about.

  • It's shame we have to be so far behind. Lithium has been around for a long time. I mean - come on - Electrolysis to lithium chloride was being done in the 1850's then on a commercial scale in the 1920's. Why has the technonolgy been supressed for so long...Who increased the car manufacturing in Japan anyways? Oh yeah duhhhh? Yes, you guessed it. Love the fact that it's finally here though, it's bout' time.

  • Amazing engineering in a car finally! We are pleased to hear others are looking forward to Hyundai's new release! Maybe as a Nation, we can start trading in gas guzzling vehicles for a cleaner more efficient vehicles. For years, lithium polymer rechargeable batteries have been the main power source driving the growth of portable electronics. It's about time we start driving vehicles, our main source of transportation to make an even bigger impact on the Environment.

  • Melissa Mattos July 20, 2008 at 4:31 am

    I have family in south korea who are excited about the car and the convenience of its rechargeable battery...

    Glad to see others thinking about change in a positive way, way to go!

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