Change Your Watch's Battery before Time is Up!

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If the time is running slowly on your watch or it’s stopped working entirely, it’s probably a good guess that it’s “time” to change your battery, no pun intended. In anticipation of a dying battery, it is wise to purchase a few replacement batteries when you buy your watch so that you can enjoy uninterrupted use of your timepiece. Replacing a watch battery is typically straightforward, but there are variations between different models, and special tools are sometimes required. By knowing how to change your watch’s battery and having the right tools on hand, you can easily replace your watch’s batteries without the help of a professional. Here is the standard process you can follow to change out your watch’s battery.

Required Equipment

In most cases you will need most or all of the following items to successfully change the battery in your watch:
• A small towel or cloth
• A piece of black paper
• A magnifying glass
• A work light
• Plastic tweezers
• A set of jeweler’s screwdrivers

The Basic Steps

1. On a flat surface, position a small cloth or towel next to a piece of black paper. The black paper will be used to place the small parts that you remove from the watch on so that you can easily find them again. The cloth should be used to avoid scratching or even breaking the crystal of your watch.

2. Turn your watch over and place it face down on the cloth or towel.

3. Look closely at the back of your watch to determine how to remove its cover. If it has a raised edge with flat edges on either side, it probably screws off. Grasp the flat edges and twist counterclockwise. If the cover is flat and has a small depression on one edge, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off. If small screws hold it in place, use a jeweler’s flat-head or Phillips head screwdriver to remove it.

4. You may encounter a tiny, rubbery gasket. Remove it, but make a note of how it is positioned before doing so.

5. Locate the battery. It will be between 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch in diameter, shiny and round. It may be held into place with a clip or with a cover and screws.

6. Remove the cover’s screws with a screwdriver or pry it out from under the clip with a flat-head screwdriver. Use plastic tweezers to remove it, and make a note of how it is positioned – is the positive side facing up or down?

7. Jot down the numbers on the back of the battery. Bring the old one to the store to ensure that you buy the right replacement.

8. Install the new battery by performing the preceding steps in reverse. Take care when replacing the gasket. If it is not positioned correctly, your watch may be damaged. The gasket should fit perfectly. Before replacing the cover, make sure that the watch is working.

9. Replace the cover. Check again to ensure that the watch is working.


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