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  • Change Your Watch's Battery before Time is Up!

    If the time is running slowly on your watch or it’s stopped working entirely, it’s probably a good guess that it’s “time” to change your battery, no pun intended. In anticipation of a dying battery, it is wise to purchase a few replacement batteries when you buy your watch so...
  • Features to Consider when Purchasing a Digital Camera

    Every person frantically scours the Internet for a list of the top digital cameras when considering buying one. There are several sites that offer reliable reviews from experts, laying their claims to the “who’s who” in digital cameras at the moment. These lists are helpful to some extent, but they change faster...
  • A Breakthrough in Battery Technology

    Battery Technology

    The idea of storing energy from renewable sources in batteries that are themselves made from renewable sources has certain poetry to it. A wooden battery might deserve an entire poem for itself.

    In fact, that battery is more than a fantasy. A team of researchers at the University of Maryland has developed a battery that uses wood – yellow pine, to be precise – as a substrate, reporting that the use of wood fibers avoids major problems that have long plagued some batteries. Continue reading

  • How to Charge and Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

    It takes you to the park, the mall and the supermarket. Without its help, you might rarely leave the house, but what have you done for it lately? Just a few minutes a day spent caring for your mobility scooter will pay off in the end. Here are some ways to extend its life. Continue reading

  • How GPS Technology Has Changed Society

    Global Positioning Systems have been around in some form or another since the early '70s, and prototypes for the technology trace their origins several years earlier. Recognizing the need for a more sophisticated form of navigation, the U.S. Department of Defense ran the first GPS with 24 satellites, bringing the project operational by the '90s. Through modernization efforts in the early 2000s, this technology has emerged as the forerunner of day-to-day navigation. Today, Global Positioning Systems are ubiquitous, found in everything from cell phones to car navigation systems. Continue reading

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