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  • Cell Phone & Smart Phone Battery Survivalist Guide

    The battery is dead, again. What happened? A few months ago, this battery would last for days. Now it is lucky to survive during the waking hours. It was fully charged last night. Today, battery life is essential, especially with the advent of smart phones that can play music, games, text message, do homework, and occasionally operate as a phone. Many people have opted to lose the land line and go completely mobile. This is all fine, until the battery dies while standing in the middle of Times Central Station with no way to charge it.
  • Trojan Hydrolink Battery Watering System

    Filling a large bank (or multiple banks) of batteries can be a time consuming and somewhat dangerous process. For larger applications you have to open, recap and fill each battery individually which can be time consuming when done over multiple banks. Also as you are exposing yourself to raw battery acid, often in somewhat awkward positions there is the potential for overfilling or splashing of battery acid. The HydroLink system takes care of this by allowing you to fill multiple batteries at once from a single water source.
  • Aftermarket vs. OEM Batteries

    Aftermarket batteries are becoming a more prevalent choice against OEM batteries. What are the differences and advantages and how you can get the most of your battery life.

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