Baby Pictures with Canon EOS Rebel XSi

Canon Rebel EOS XSi Digital Camera

So if you don’t know it by now I am having a little boy that is due in December. My wife and I are excited and have been looking for new cameras for a new baby. Great excuse to get techie! I have had my eye on the Canon’s EOS Rebel XSi. I found it in a few stores for around $800 but online was about $699.

So why do I want the Rebel XSi? The picture quality from the 12.2 megapixel camera is beautiful. The auto light optimizing feature is an awesome help for a novice photographer like me. Theres also a 14-bit A/D Converter which helps the tone quality of the picture to give you a more life like photos. The RAW photo format is a little more than I needed but it is a cool option that I could later on take advantage of.

What Accessories will I have?

It doesn’t hurt that I own a battery store either so I will be well stocked on batteries and chargers. I will probably have 2 DLCE5 and one rapid travel charger. This will keep me running where ever I’m at. The RTC charger can be powered in a 12V DC port and charges most batteries up 90 minutes or less.

I cant wait until I can start shooting pictures of my newest member of my family. That will bring us up to 2 beautiful kids, a baby boy and an 8yr old daughter. We already have a lot of great pictures and now we are going to have a lot more. Look forward to seeing pictures of newest members photos coming in the future.

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  • Neat! I'm pregnant with my second child and can't wait for the due date, even though I know a few things there's plenty I don't. Thanks for the information, you don't know how much I appreciate it. Thanks! Darla

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